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Chapter 2912: Quit While You’re Ahead (3)

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The admission officer sneered. “Yes, of course, you can! If you have the ability to refine a Spirit Armament directly! In our line of work, there are so many principles that haven’t been used. So if someone can refine a Spirit Armament, that means that person has the fundamentals! If you have such capability, who wouldn’t acknowledge it?”

Huang Yueli nodded her head satisfactorily when she heard the answer and heaved a sigh of relief.

Luckily, the Sky Gem Glass Chamber’s rules weren’t a stick in the mud!

If they insisted for one to pass through all ninth grade apprentice assessments before proceeding with the Spiritual Armament Master certification, then she could only give up on this.

After all, the reason why she wanted to become a Spiritual Armament Master was mainly that she wanted to obtain a sufficiently high status to mobilize various Continent’s teleportation arrays.

Otherwise, she didn’t place too much emphasis on this meaningless title.

If she really had to spend eight or ten years, she might save even more time if she traveled by foot to Cloudy Qilin Continent!

She thought about it and asked again, “Then where can I find books related to refining Spirit Armaments? I’ve visited a few book stores but I couldn’t find any at all.”

The admission officer stared at her and he was totally at a loss for words!

This fellow didn’t even know where to find the Spirit Armament refining books meant that she didn’t even know the basics of Spirit Armament refining! Did he thought that he could skip over the apprentice assessments and directly refine a Spirit Armament?

He gave a cold harrumph and said, “It’s obvious that Spirit Armament refining books can’t be found in ordinary book stores! Since you don’t have a Master, then you can only purchase from the Sky Gem Glass Chamber! High grade manuals are exchanged with contribution points. But since you’re only looking at entry-level books, you just need to be a Spiritual Armament apprentice to purchase it!”

Huang Yueli’s eyes lit up upon hearing that. “That’s great! How can I become an apprentice?”

The admission officer shot a glance at her. “As long as your innate talent is high enough, you can be one. Follow me!”

Huang Yueli followed him into a small room and there was an elderly man with silvery-white hair. His head was bent down as he was carefully handling the materials in his hands.

“Senior Bai, there’s a newbie here who wants to assess his innate talent.”

Hearing the admission officer’s voice, he barely lifted his head and said, “Alright, go over there for assessment!”

The Spiritual Armament apprentice innate testing was extremely simple.

The admission officer brought Huang Yueli over to the corner where a crystal machine was and indicated for her to place her hand on it.

Huang Yueli could tell that this was a standard innate talent assessment, which was the same as what she saw in the inheritance tower in the past.

But the one in the inheritance tower was solely testing innate talent whereas the one in front tested fire and metal dual attributes.

Huang Yueli intentionally restrained the Profound Energy in her body and slowly released fire and metal attributed Profound Energies while observing the admin officer’s expression.

Fire and metal attributed energies slowly ascended in the crystal columns.

Initially, the admission officer’s face had a slight hint of disdain. He was still upset over what Huang Yueli had said earlier.

But as the column raised to a certain standard, his expression slowly turned solemn. In the end, he even revealed a slight hint of astonishment.

When Huang Yueli saw this, she immediately quit while she was ahead and retracted the remaining Profound Energy.

She didn’t want to expose her true ability, but yet didn’t want him to look down on her.

So the most suitable time to stop was when the Spiritual Armament Masters looked a little surprised, but not at the rate where they would be shocked.