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Chapter 2911: Quit While You’re Ahead (2)

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The Spiritual Armament Master came back to his senses and said, “I knew you were going to ask about this! Most practitioners who want to become Spiritual Armament Masters would bring their Masters along. Otherwise, they wouldn’t even be able to enter the Sky Gem Glass Chamber! You’re pretty lucky. As a Lower Realm ascender, you came in on your own without any Master! This is the first time I came across something like this…”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she frowned. “What? If I don’t have a Master, that means I can’t become a Spiritual Armament Master?”

“That’s not necessarily so as well,” the admission Spiritual Armament Master thought for a moment and said, “Even if you don’t have a Master, you can still take part in the simple assessments in the Sky Gem Glass Chamber first. As long as we have confirmed your Spiritual Armament Master innate talent, you will be able to become a Spiritual Armament apprentice. The apprentice has a total of nine grades and that will allow you to learn all the basic knowledge systemically. After you have become a ninth grade apprentice, you must refine a low grade Spirit Armament before you can officially become a Spiritual Armament Master.”

Hearing this, Huang Yueli instantly felt that something was amiss.

“Are there nine grades to an apprentice grade? How much time is required to pass through all the assessments?”

The admission officer said, “This… the time depends on each person’s innate talent! Seeing that you can enter Sky Gem Glass Chamber on your own, I believe that your comprehension isn’t too bad. You should be able to pass one grade every year. In this case, you’d probably take around ten years to become a ninth grade apprentice!”

Huang Yueli’s lips twitched uncontrollably. “Ten… ten years?”

Where would she find so much time to take part in the assessments!

She couldn’t wait to immediately become a Spiritual Armament Master and fly over to look for Li Moying!

However, the admission officer wasn’t done talking yet.

“That’s right. But don’t be too happy first. Although passing the apprentice assessments isn’t difficult, the crux to becoming a Spiritual Armament Master means you will have to refine a genuine Spirit Armament. Not a standard grade Spirit Armament, but a low grade Spirit Armament! Many people would spend more than ten years just at this step.”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli suddenly thought of something as a ray of hope suddenly arose in her heart.

“Then in this case, if I can refine a low grade Spirit Armament immediately, wouldn’t that mean that I can directly become a Spiritual Armament Master? So I wouldn’t need to attend those apprentice assessments?”

The admission officer was still talking non-stop because it was rare that a Lower Realm ascender who didn’t know anything would head over. Hence he could show off his eloquence.

Whoever knew that in the middle of his explanation, Huang Yueli interrupted him in this way so he was completely dazed.

“You… what did you just say??” He thought that he had heard her wrongly!

Huang Yueli repeated what she just said and the admission officer’s gaze seemed as though he was looking at an idiot!

“You can’t even pass the apprentice assessments, so how are you going to refine a Spirit Armament? Did you really think that you are a peerless genius? Looks like you must be a famous Armament Master in your Lower Realm! But if you think that it’s the same in God Realm, you must be daydreaming! You simply don’t know how high the heavens are!”

To think that it was a waste of his time telling her so much, he did not expect her to be a lunatic who overestimated herself!

The admission officer looked at Huang Yueli disdainfully.

She didn’t bother about what he said, but only wanted to find out the answer. “So, can it be done or not?”

The admission officer almost spat out a mouthful of blood!

After such a long time, this fellow wasn’t even listening to what he said!