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Chapter 2872: New Spiritual Pet (2)

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The Azure Luan flew in circles above Huang Yueli and Little Phoenix’s heads before it steadily landed right next to her.

After it steadied itself, the Azure Luan immediately leaned close to Huang Yueli’s side and subbed its furry body against her chest.

However, its size was just too big for Huang Yueli. Its strength was overwhelming as well.

Huang Yueli didn’t manage to stand properly and almost fell to the ground. She retreated several steps before she finally managed to stand still.

The Azure Luan’s beautiful big eyes blinked and stepped forward to rub against her body again.

This time, it controlled its strength and Huang Yueli was tickled by its rubbing. Her mood lightened and she couldn’t help stretching out her hand to touch its tail feather.

Little Phoenix was standing on her shoulder and when it saw them rubbing each other, a sudden surge of jealousy suddenly arose!

It chirped and interrupted their intimate actions. “I say, Sister Azure Luan, why have you flown over? How’s that baddie? Have you killed it?”

The bird raised its head and cried twice.

Huang Yueli couldn’t understand bird language and could only turn towards Little Wang Cai. “What did it say?”

Little Wang Cai unwillingly explained, “It says that damn old man is very strong and it couldn’t defeat it. In fact, it was injured and could only escape from there. But that old man is also heavily injured so the speed of him chasing over to use would be rather slow…”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli was finally at ease. “Lucky! It was too dangerous today. Luckily this Azure Luan helped us!”

She suddenly thought of something and exclaimed, “Right! You said that the Azure Luan is injured? Quickly let me take a look. Which part of it is injured?”

Huang Yueli leaned close to the Azure Luan and started to inspect it carefully.

Although it could not understand what she said, it had a spiritual nature and could guess Huang Yueli’s intention. Hence it coordinated with her actions and lifted its injured leg for her to take a look.

A bright red stain was coated on the lush azure feathers and it was extremely eye-piercing.

Huang Yueli leaned closer to take a look and said with a heartache, “The wound is rather deep! That beast Huang Sanbai! How can he do such a malicious thing to such an adorable little creature! Luckily the Sky Phoenix Ring had some ointment that can treat external wounds.”

She retrieved a roll of clean cotton bandage and a jar of ointment, then she helped the Azure Luan to bandage her wound.

Little Phoenix was watching by the side. Although he didn’t say a word, his bun-shaped face was puffed up and a frown also slowly emerged on his face.

He was Female Devil’s only favorite spiritual beast!

When it was tortured by Huang Zixiao, it did not see Huang Yueli look so anxious or show any heartache!

The baby bird expressed that it was extremely unhappy!!

Just as Little Phoenix was unhappy and was thinking of ways to chase the Azure Luan away, it heard Huang Yueli say, “Alright, your wound has been bandaged! As long as you rest well for the next few days, you should be able to recover totally! You should know your way back to Sacred Phoenix Continent, right? Then go back on your own! Wang Cai and I will make a move first!”

Little Wang Cai heard that and its eyes lit up as it nodded its head immediately. “That’s right, we’ll part ways and find our own homes! Alright, Female Devil, let’s go!”

It knew that Female Devil liked him the most and would absolutely not have a change of heart so easily!

She administered treatment for this Azure Luan because it helped them!

Little Wang Cai flapped its wings happily and was about to set off.