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Chapter 2869: Escape (4)

Moreover, if it wasn’t for this damn bird, how would he possibly be injured?

It had been hundreds of years since he was last so disheveled!

If it wasn’t for this Azure Luan, he would have killed Huang Yueli by now, and also obtained the Sky Phoenix Ring in her hands. Then he would…

Huang Sanbai suddenly thought of Huang Yueli and his entire body trembled!

Right, Huang Yueli!!

Earlier he had been busy fighting with the Azure Luan and totally forgotten about this young lass!

Huang Sanbai turned around in a fluster and looked in the direction where she was earlier!

That position was now empty. The young girl was already gone!

“Damn it, this damn Azure Luan had upset my plans!! If I ever catch this damn bird, I will definitely chop off its wings and gouge out its eyes to ferment in wine! And that wretched lass, how dare she take the chance to escape during this ruckus? Haha, try to escape if you have the ability to do so! In this desolate barren land, let’s see where you can run to!”

At this moment, Huang Sanbai still hadn’t realized what just happened. He assumed that it was all a coincidence.

Huang Yueli escaped because she was lucky to encounter the Azure Luan going on a rampage!

In his eyes, she was just a foolish and protected young girl who hadn’t experienced much in time. So she should be very easy to deal with. Even if she managed to escape, it would only be for the time being. He would be able to catch her very soon!

On the verge of the barren land.

Huang Yueli sat on a phoenix’s back as she soared in the sky towards the east!

This phoenix was still in its youth, and the wings were slightly short of three feet. It totally could not be compared with a matured phoenix’s stunningly luxurious state. But its flight stance was rather smooth. Moreover, its speed was also very fast.

At least, it had surpassed Huang Sanbai, a Dao Profound Realm mid-phase practitioner.

But Little Phoenix’s strength wasn’t very good.

Its speed was evidently affected when it carried her on the back. After flying over a short distance, its speed started to decrease.

Huang Yueli noticed this and said, “Enough, Wang Cai, let me down! We’ve already pulled quite a distance away. He won’t be able to chase up to us so soon! Moreover, I can see a small town in front. Perhaps, there will be travelers who go past that place. If anyone were to see a phoenix passing through, it wouldn’t be very good…”

After she experienced Huang Sanbai’s incident, Huang Yueli had deeply comprehended the importance of staying low profile.

Huang Sanbai was a reputable man and was an esteemed and loyal man in the clan. However, even he couldn’t stand the temptation of the Sky Phoenix Ring and instantly turned into a vicious and ruthless murderer.

If the news of her owning a high tiered God Relic was found out by other top experts outside Sacred Phoenix Race, then would she still have a chance of survival?

The other top exponents weren’t like Huang Sanbai, who had misgivings about killing their clansmen. They wouldn’t need to find a desolate barren land to kill her. Perhaps, they might just rush over and stab her!

Little Wang Cai really couldn’t continue flying any longer. When it heard what Huang Yueli said, it immediately kept away its wings and slowly turned smaller, returning to its normal size.

Huang Yueli jumped on the ground and looked at Little Phoenix in mid-sky.

“Your size is still a little too obvious. Can’t you turn a little smaller? And the colours of your feathers are too glaring. It’s better to turn it into a grey color!”

Little Phoenix was so angry that it pinched some feathers on top of its head.

“This Lord is so handsome and magnificent.. How dare you ask This Lord to uglify myself!”