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Chapter 2870: Escape (5)

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When Huang Yueli heard it grumbling, she touched its fluffy head, not knowing if she should laugh or cry.

“Be obedient. This is God Realm and not Soaring Heavens Continent. The practitioners here are knowledgeable so perhaps, someone might be able to recognize a phoenix! For safety’s sake, you should bear with it for a while! After we’ve found a place to stay, I’ll add another drumstick for you!”

Little Phoenix shook its feathers and was still a little unwilling to do so.

When she saw that, she said, “If you’re really not willing to change your color, it’s fine as well. Just stay inside the Sky Phoenix Ring for a couple of days then…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Little Phoenix started to screech. “No way, you can forget about stuffing me back into the realm! I was locked up in the Sky Phoenix Ring for the entire month that you were in the void space. There were also various kinds of powerful qi flow inside the realm! I… I can’t take it! Alright, alright, you win ok. I’ll change my colour!”

Little Phoenix’s body flashed with silver light and when it reappeared again, it turned into a plump little bird that looked like a nightingale.

The feathers on its body weren’t a shade of grey like what Huang Yueli requested. Instead, it was a shining silver color.

Huang Yueli was rather speechless when she saw that. She hadn’t expected her Little Phoenix to be so mindful of its appearance. Even when it was in disguise, it had to turn itself into such a sparkly color.

Little Phoenix had just transformed and was gliding around in front of her to show off.

At the same time, it said delightfully, “How is it? Isn’t this much better? Previously in the inheritance tower, Elder Huang taught me how to transform. Now I can turn into various kinds of flying magical beasts! Aren’t I incredible?”

Huang Yueli’s lips twitched and she said, “Incredible, you’re super incredible! Alright, stop turning around me. Let’s hurry and leave! Otherwise, if that old man chases up to us, we might just end up dead!”

She took a large step forward and Little Wang Cai flapped its little wings furiously to follow her.

After a while later, it probably felt a little bored and uttered, “Female Devil, isn’t This Lord smart and capable? If it wasn’t for me today, you’d probably die in that strange old fellow’s hands today!”

Huang Yueli carefully observed the surroundings and echoed in response, “That’s right, you’ve finally shown your use. Luckily it wasn’t a waste of my roasted drumsticks!”

Little Wang Cai lifted its chin in a tsundere attitude and said, “Isn’t that so! This Lord is very powerful now! Earlier when I flew above the Azure Luan, I merely lifted my wing and it immediately submitted to me. Moreover, it even listened to me. I asked it to attack the old man and it totally did not hesitate in flying over to beat him up!”

Little Wang Cai’s tone was very complacent as though it was asking to be praised and rewarded.

Hearing it mention this, Huang Yueli felt that she was very lucky that Little Phoenix was around. Otherwise, she really didn’t know how to escape today!

Initially, she pretended to listen to Huang Sanbai’s order to get some water and secretly let Little Phoenix out as a preventive measure. She also reminded it that in case there was an accident, it should instigate the Azure Luan that Huang Sanbai brought along!

As the King of Birds, Little Phoenix had a natural spiritual beast’s oppression. Any flying magical beast in front of it was fearful of its noble and powerful bloodline. Hence they would comply with its command..