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Chapter 2857: Why Is It Her Again? (2)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Seeing Li Moying getting off the flying ship, the stewards hurriedly walked up and gave a respectful bow as they asked cautiously, “Welcome Young Master! We have been waiting for a long time! May I ask which Young Master from Cloudy Qilin Clan are you from?”

Li Moying swept them a cold glance but did not say a word.

The stewards felt their hairs standing on end when they saw his pitch-black pupils and sweat started to drip!

The tremendous pressure made them feel suffocated!

This young man… his ability was very strong!

It was so strong that they could not handle it!

Seeing everyone lowering their heads in terror, Li Moying pursed his thin lips and asked, “Recently, is there any young lady around the age of seventeen with a petite frame and exquisite looks from the lower realm who crossed the Soul Connection Ocean recently?” He paused and added, “She’s a fire attributed practitioner and has extremely high innate talent, with Sacred Phoenix Race’s bloodline.”

Steward Lu was totally dumbfounded until he heard the three words, “Sacred Phoenix Race”. That was when he suddenly recalled this.

The description that Li Moying gave was exactly the same as that lady who Huang Sanbai saved that day!

But after a momentary period of shock, he pursed his lips and didn’t say a word.

Although the person who asked was a Young Master from the ancient God clan, the person who brought that lady away was an Elder from Sacred Phoenix Race!

He couldn’t afford to offend any side at all!

Steward Lu was feeling apprehensive and the expression on his face was rather strange. Li Moying was a smart guy so it just took him a glance to discover the abnormality.

“Do… you know something?” Li Moying asked placidly.

But Steward Lu could still sense the strong suppression that made him sweat profusely.

“This… Young Master Li, I… I… I’m really not very sure… there are at least a hundred lower realm practitioners who pass through the Soul Connection Ocean daily and most of them would leave on the same day. I didn’t pay too much attention to them…”

After weighing the pros and cons, Steward Lu felt that playing dumb was the safest option.


Li Moying spat out that comment coldly and interrupted Steward Lu before he could finish his sentence.

“How dare you lie to me! If you’re not going to tell the truth, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

That starry peach blossom eyes suddenly flashed a cold glint. Just one look and it made Steward Lu tremble. He immediately fell limp on the ground and when he heard those merciless words, he was so scared that his soul almost left his body!

“Young Master Li, Young Master Li! Mercy, please have mercy on me! I’ll tell you the truth, I’ll tell you everything!”

“Ten over days ago, Elder Huang Sanbai from Sacred Phoenix Race came to Soul Connection Ocean. He said that he was here to pick up a practitioner who came from the lower realm! We found it strange back then because many practitioners came from the lower realm daily. But this was the first time that someone from one of the ancient god clans came, moreover he was an Elder! Elder Sanbai stayed in Soul Connection Ocean for some time and three or four days ago, he saved a young lady who was injured in the void space. That young lady sounded exactly like what Young Master, you described!”

Steward Lu was scared stiff and did not dare to hide anything from him. He was like a bag of beans that spilled out all the contents.

Li Moying frowned slightly when he heard that.

Before he left, he had indeed heard from Cloudy Qilin Clan’s scouts that Sacred Phoenix Race had sent someone to pick Huang Yueli up.

So he specially hurried over at full speed, hoping to reach before the people from Sacred Phoenix Race got to her.