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Chapter 2858: Why Is It Her Again? (3)

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He did not expect that he was still short of one step. Not only had Huang Yueli ascended, but she had also been picked up by Sacred Phoenix Race!

Based on the relationship between the two clans, it would be troublesome for him to try to meet Huang Yueli if she reached Sacred Phoenix Race!

Seeing Li Moying frowning, Steward Lu looked apprehensively at him. Then he spoke cautiously, “Young Master Li, if you want to find that lady, there’s still… still a chance! That lady was injured so she had to rest first. Hence those people from Sacred Phoenix Race had been staying in the sentry post nearby in the past few days. They have not left yet…”

Hearing that, Li Moying cheered up instantly!

He straightened his body and asked in a hurried tone, “Where are those people from the Sacred Phoenix Race? Hurry up and lead the way!”

“Yes! Yes! Young Master Li, please follow me…”

Steward Lu hurriedly lowered his head and lead Li Moying to the sentry post where Sacred Phoenix Race was staying.

Li Moying quickly followed him in anticipation.

The guards from the Cloudy Qilin Clan were a little dazed. They couldn’t understand why the usually cold and aloof Young Master Moying would suddenly turn into another person, to become so excited.

Moreover, the person he wanted to find was a “Sacred Phoenix Race’s young lady”!

Just based on the three words Sacred Phoenix Race, it was enough to make any practitioner from Cloudy Qilin Clan stay far, far away. Moreover, it was a young lady!

When Li Moying was in the Amethyst Paramount Palace, he despised those talented young ladies who tried to counter-woo him instead.

Even though Clan Leader had openly hinted that he could raise his cultivation through double cultivation, and he was even willing to marry his niece to him, he was totally unmoved.

Some of them even suspected that Li Moying was not interested in women at all, or perhaps he had ‘that sort’ of problem.

But now, his anxious look resembled an ordinary young man who couldn’t wait to meet his beloved. What was going on?

The guards all rubbed their eyes in unison, feeling that they seemed to have seen a fake Young Master Moying!

The sentry post wasn’t too far away so the crowd reached the entrance of the courtyard very quickly.

Steward Lu was just two meters away from the room door when he stopped. Somehow, he had a bad premonition and didn’t dare to continue walking closer.

After all, he was considered as betraying the Sacred Phoenix Race’s practitioners. Although it wasn’t his choice to do so because he didn’t dare to offend the current strongest powerhouse, Cloudy Qilin Clan in God Realm, those ancient God clans were practitioners who were on the top rung so how would they ever listen to a weaker practitioner’s explanation? If Huang Sanbai were to blame him, he wouldn’t have anything to debate against him!

Just as Steward Lu was hesitating, at a loss on what to do, Li Moying had already ignored him and walked straight ahead.

A guard next to him walked forward and knocked on the door.

“Who’s that?” A young lady’s voice was heard.

The guards took a look at Li Moying and asked in a low voice, “Are you from Sacred Phoenix Race? My Young Master has something to ask!”

“Your Young Master? What’s that?” A puzzled voice rang.

Li Moying shot a cold glance to Steward Lu who was standing by the side.

Steward Lu was so scared that he almost pissed in his pants. So he could only act according to Li Moying’s wishes. He answered while trembling, “That… Young Miss Ling, it’s… it’s a friend of mine who wants to meet Elder Sanbai.”

Hearing this familiar voice, the door opened.

Huang Ruiling’s head popped out from the door.

“Steward Lu, who did you bring…”