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Chapter 2854: Make a Move First (4)

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Moreover, she could also see the blue sky, white clouds, and beautiful scenery in God Realm under her feet!

Huang Yueli gasped with exasperation!

After she admired God Realm’s beautiful scenery, Huang Yueli’s gaze turned and she started to look at the exquisite array inscriptions on the Azure Luan’s back. Then she silently pondered over it.

She had always been very interested in God Realm’s arrays when she was in Soaring Heavens Continent.

Ice Serpent Valley in Northern Ice Field had an extremely huge ancient array and Huang Yueli had once fixed it for them personally.

This ancient array was different from Soaring Heavens Continent’s arrays. It should be drawn out using God Realm’s array skills.

Huang Yueli had deduced it for several years but still wasn’t able to decode this array. In the end, she was rather lucky and happened to tell that the array was short of some energy. Hence she managed to coax and deceive Ice Serpent Valley’s disciples to complete the mission to restore the array.

In fact, if the Ice Serpent Valley’s ancient array was really damaged, she couldn’t possibly find a way to draw it out.

Back then, she had the intention to learn God Realm’s profound array skills but had no connection to it, and neither could she find any corresponding manuals. Now that she’s in God Realm, she should be able to research this!

Huang Yueli was so focused on deducing the array that she was totally absorbed in it. Hence she totally didn’t notice the malicious expression on Huang Sanbai’s face.


He was seated cross-legged on Huang Yueli’s rear back. He looked as though he was rushing for time as his eyes were shut while cultivating. In reality, he had been sneaking glances while observing Huang Yueli’s movements.

Seeing that she was not suspicious at all, a cold smile slipped past his lips.

Not knowing how much time had passed, the skies also started to turn dark.

The Azure Luan had been flying continuously for fourteen to sixteen hours and its speed was starting to slow down. It seemed as though it was extremely tired.

Just at this moment, Huang Sanbai struck out a few hand gestures and also caressed the Azure Luan’s feathers to make it descend downwards.

Huang Yueli detected that the flight direction had changed so she turned around and asked, “Elder Sanbai, we… are we going to land? Could it be that we’re about to reach Sacred Phoenix Continent?”

Huang Sanbai gave a dry laugh. “Each God Realm Continent’s size is vast. Even if it’s the Azure Luan, it will take several days to reach! Now that it’s coming to night, it has also flown for such a long time so it’s rather tired. So why don’t we find a place to take a rest then set off tomorrow morning again?”

Not knowing why, Huang Yueli somehow felt that Huang Sanbai’s tone sounded a little strange. It gave her an uncomfortable feeling.

But she couldn’t exactly describe what was wrong with it.

There was a limit to flying magical beast’s physical strength and it wasn’t suitable to fly in the night either. Although the Azure Luan is a high tiered spirit beast in God Realm, there was a limit to its physical strength.

To take a rest during nighttime, no matter if it was to humans or magical beasts, it was a must.

Huang Sanbai’s words weren’t unreasonable in any way.

Huang Yueli frowned, feeling that she probably hasn’t awoken hence causing this misperception.

She thought over it for a moment then nodded her head. “Alright, I’ll listen to Elder Sanbai’s arrangements!”

Elder Sanbai gave a hoarse laugh beside her, “Mm, that’s right!”

Azure Luan’s wings extended to the maximum which was ten over feet long. When it glided downwards, it was agile and delicate, like a piece of huge green leaf landing from the sky.

Not long after, it slowly stopped on a piece of empty land.