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Chapter 2853: Make a Move First (3)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“Even for me, I also need to draw those array inscriptions on its back before it follows my instructions… I didn’t expect this Azure Luan to like you so much! Indeed a god grade genius!” Huang Sanbai sighed with emotions.

Huang Yueli’s eyeballs moved and quickly understood what he meant.

Actually, this had nothing to do with whether she was a god grade genius or a heaven grade genius.

The main reason why the Azure Luan was so friendly to her should be because Little Wang Cai was inside her!

Ever since the Sky Phoenix Ring had acknowledged her, Huang Yueli had a natural affinity towards all flying magical beasts. Back then when she was in Soaring Heavens Continent, it was already very obvious.

When her cultivation was still very weak, as long as she revealed Little Wang Cai, all the ninth tiered flying magical beasts would bow before her!

Later on, when the Sky Phoenix Ring was successfully re-refined, her mental link with Little Wang Cai grew closed. Even if she didn’t let it out, a little hint of Sacred Phoenix aura from her would attract a number of flying magical beasts.

This Azure Luan had evidently sensed the Sacred Phoenix’s aura in her and that was why it was acting so docile in front of her!

Although Huang Yueli knew about this, she didn’t highlight it out. Instead, she went along with what Huang Sanbai said. “It really seems so! I didn’t know that god grade genius innate talent could subdue spirit beasts too…”

Saying that she caressed the Azure Luan a few times again.

She would often brush Little Wang Cai’s feathers so she had an abundant amount of experience in this. She knew that no matter what size these birds were, they liked people to touch the long feather on their tails. Although the feathers on their tummy were very comfortable, they would only allow people whom they feel safe around to touch it.

Under Huang Yueli’s experienced caress, the Azure Luan gave off a comfortable chirp and it started to soften down. It even shook its feathers like a little birdling that was reared at home…

Huang Sanbai was totally dumbstruck as he watched her. After a while later, he finally came to his senses and hurriedly said, “Alright, Lass Li, can you stop touching it? Aren’t we in a rush for time? Since you like the Azure Luan, when we return to the clan, you can request from Clan Leader to rear one. Based on your innate talent and status, asking for a Azure Luan wasn’t a difficult task!”

She smiled and nodded her head while retracting her hand.

Huang Sanbai didn’t waste any time and beckoned Huang Yueli to sit on the Azure Luan’s back.

Later, he followed the method of the clansman who raised the Azure Luan and struck a few hand gestures to activate the array inscriptions on the back of the Azure Luan.

A ray of silver light flashed past and formed a half-circle dome-like boundary, enveloping the both of them in the middle.

Huang Sanbai whistled a few times and the Azure Luan suddenly squatted down. Then it spread its wings to the sides and kept flapping as it soared into the sky!

Huang Yueli sat on the Azure Luan’s back and originally she thought she would fumble around. Hence she especially grabbed onto one feather. However, the result was it was extremely stable and there was no feeling of shakiness at all.

This naturally wasn’t because the Azure Luan’s flying was stable, but because of the effect of the array around them.

After activating that array, not only did they not feel the swaying, the array also blocked off all the bitter wind which was blowing at them in mid-air!

Sitting on the Azure Luan’s back, it felt as comfortable as sitting on a huge and luxurious flying ship.