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Chapter 2826: Huang Yueli Ascends (1)

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Li Moying was at least the reincarnation of the previous Number One Top Expert Mu Chengying so everyone could at least accept that fact.

But Huang Yueli’s identity had never been exposed. So in everyone’s eyes, she was just a young lass who had only cultivated for a couple of years!

Yet now, she was actually about to ascend??

As compared with a genius like her, they seemed to have wasted their lives to become old men and women…

Perhaps it was because they had a huge blow, no one said a single word at all. Everyone just stood stiffly on their original spots.

Huang Yueli lifted her head and saw the tribulation cloud almost completing the gathering of energy. Then she looked at the dazed crowd and suddenly thought of something.

“Originally I was just thinking that I should just directly ascend, but since I’ve met someone I know…” She paused for a moment and turned towards Celestial Light Sect’s Great Elder. “That’s something that I need to trouble you to help me settle.”

Celestial Light Sect’s Great Elder had a pampered expression on his face and respectfully bowed. “Will Senior… oops no, will Young Miss Bai please instruct!”

He almost called the wrong convention again. On thinking that Huang Yueli didn’t seem as though she liked to hear the word Senior, he hurriedly swallowed back his words.

Huang Yueli swept a glance at him and said, “After I’ve passed through the tribulation cloud, I will directly ascend and there’s no time for me to inform my relatives and friends. After I ascend, can I trouble you to go to Sky Emperor City and inform Blue Profound Sect’s current Sovereign, Cang Po Jun as well as my parents? Just tell them that I’ve successfully ascended and I will be waiting for them in God Realm! Tell them not to worry about me, do you understand?”

“Yes… I understand it loud and clear!” Celestial Light Sect’s Great Elder hurriedly agreed to it and even proudly stuck out his chest!

He had already recovered from his shock at this very moment.

A peerless top exponent who broke through to the tenth stage realm was really from Celestial Light Sect!

Moreover, she even passed him such an important task to complete!

This was the entire Celestial Light Sect’s honor!

Although he couldn’t understand why Huang Yueli could ascend at only eighteen years old, he felt the envious look from those practitioners around him and felt as if he was floating on air!

Huang Yueli waved her hand after she was done instructing him. “Alright, quickly retreat right now! Leave right now, at least thirty miles away! The seven stage heavenly tribulation is about to descend. If you want to live, then listen to me and move further away!”

The tribulation cloud was almost done gathering and it wouldn’t take much longer to strike.

After Huang Yueli finished talking, she didn’t bother about the rest and started to congeal her senses and breathing again, prepared to take on the next round.

As for the surrounding practitioners, when they heard her last sentence, all of their eyes widened.

They had finally awoken from their shock but she gave them another piece of shocking news immediately which thoroughly stunned them!

Seventh stage heavenly tribulation!!

There was a seventh stage heavenly tribulation??

Didn’t Celestial Light Sect’s Great Elder mentioned earlier that only those peerless geniuses from God Realm’s large clans would be able to attract heavenly tribulations of seventh stage and above?

Everyone looked at one another in dismay, feeling that they were in a dream.

But just at this moment, the surrounding temperature started to spike once again. Not too long after, the boiling heatwave started to spread and it made all of them feel that they were inside a furnace. Their chests were being pressured by the Heaven and Earth Profound Qi, as their blood qi was surging to the point of almost throwing up blood!

Great Elder’s expression abruptly changed. “Everyone, quickly run! Heavenly tribulation is about to descend!”

Even without his reminder, everyone had already realized that a crisis was right in front of them!