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Chapter 2807: Whose Phoenix is this? (2)

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After all, to Huang Yueli, an “ordinary” matter that was easily done was as difficult as mounting the stairs to heaven to those ordinary or even heaven grade geniuses!

Unfortunately, she totally did not realize this at all, so the words she said often make people exasperated.

Huang Zixiao felt rather out of sorts and he glared at Huang Yueli with a “try talking rubbish again and see what happens” look on his face.

Huang Yueli finally came around it and after she thought over what he said, she finally realized that her comprehending speed was already very fast.

But she still felt vexed over being separated from Li Moying for such a long time.

Speaking of this, ever since they reunited from their past lives, this was the first time they had been apart for such a long time!

Moreover, what made her even more melancholic was that her advancement came so suddenly. She was originally about to comprehend the sixth stage conceptualization but in the end, she could only give it up…

“Sigh, it was just a little bit more and I would be able to comprehend the sixth stage conceptualization… why did I have to advance at this moment! It’s like a big joke on me! Since there’s no way to ascend within one year, wouldn’t it be better to let me comprehend a little more!”

No matter how senseless she was, she knew that the chance to enter into a comprehension state was extremely rare.

It was such a waste that she was in such a good frame of mind so comprehending to the very end would be the most efficient way. Once it was interrupted, it would be a difficult thing to try and look for that feeling again.

Earlier, she had lost an extremely good chance to upgrade herself.

Huang Zixiao heard what she said and couldn’t keep it in. If it wasn’t because he was a spiritual body and there was no blood in him, he might have spat out a mouthful of blood!

So, this lass was almost about to comprehend sixth stage conceptualization and was interrupted because of the impact of advancement!

Sixth stage conceptualization, what concept was that?

As Dream Profound Realm mid-phase was the last conceptualization in that section, the comprehension difficulty was much higher than fifth stage conceptualization!

Comprehending fifth stage conceptualization was enough to strike the entire God Realm’s god grade genius in awe. If she could comprehend sixth stage conceptualization…

Huang Zixiao’s lips twitched, feeling that this world was so mythical!

But Huang Yueli didn’t notice the interesting expression on his face. She was still lamenting over the lost opportunity.

But just as she was feeling gloomy, she suddenly sensed an abundant feel in her soul trace, and her head was slightly bloating with pain.

Following that, she looked at the shining runes in her mind. These runes seemed very familiar to her.

She was suddenly enlightened and remembered about it. Weren’t these those shattered runes which she was comprehending halfway in the <> earlier?

Huang Yueli assumed that once she left the drawing, these runes would automatically disappear!

She didn’t expect the Sky Phoenix Ring to have preserved it!

Huang Yueli’s heart started to surge with joy!

The Sky Phoenix Ring was indeed an incredible God Relic! It could even bring out the conceptualization drawing from another person’s conceptualization and that was really unimaginable!

Although she was interrupted in the midst of her comprehension earlier, it didn’t affect her from continuing to comprehend…

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli turned back into her happy self again..