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Chapter 2806: Whose Phoenix is this? (1)

Sacred Phoenix Reflection raised its head and gave off a shrill cry!

The intense Profound Energy fluctuation caused the entire inheritance tower to shake slightly!

Huang Zixiao looked at Huang Yueli whose forehead was full of sweat, and she looked slightly disheveled. His lips curled into a satisfied smile.

This lass… she had finally advanced!

Huang Yueli sat upright for a moment to allow the scuttering Profound Energy to go back to its place. Her aura gradually settled down and went back to normal.

She opened her eyes and smiled at Huang Zixiao who was standing by the side. “Senior Huang! I didn’t expect that sitting in front of the <> for such a short while would enable me to advance into the tenth stage realm! This is indeed a god clan top rated refinement! I benefited so much from it!”

Huang Zixiao gave a dry laugh and said, “That’s right, you have indeed benefited a lot from it! Young lady, you will have a great future ahead of you!”

What did it mean by benefiting a lot? She had simply gained all the advantages from it, alright?

Did this young lass even know how much she had benefited from this closed door cultivation?

Huang Zixiao was still hesitating if he should give this talented young lass with no common sense a lecture when he suddenly heard her asking a question.

“That’s right, Senior Huang, why do I look so dirty and even my hair is also knotted and stinky. And… oh my, it’s grown so much! What on earth is going on? I… how long have I stayed in the <>?”

Once one’s soul trace entered the drawing, there was no difference between day and night within. Moreover, Huang Yueli totally devoted herself to comprehending so she didn’t notice how much time had passed.

Hence, when she just came out, she had this perception that she had just entered the drawing not too long ago, as though it had only been a few days.

When she saw how disheveled she looked, it was then when she realized that the truth was not so.

Huang Zixiao swept her a glance and said, “Not too long, almost a year or so! No, to be accurate, it should be eleven months and nineteen days.”

Huang Yueli was so shocked that she almost jumped up. “What? It’s… it’s already been a year! I actually stayed in the drawing for such a long time!!”

After her shock, she appeared rather vexed!

Originally she had intended to break through to the tenth stage realm within a year after Li Moying ascended to God Realm. In the end, if she were to calculate the duration, she had spent half a month to reach Sky Emperor City after Li Moying left. Later on, she spent another two months dealing with Blue Profound Sect’s affairs, and now, almost twelve months had passed. It had long surpassed her pre-calculated time frame.

Huang Yueli’s vexed expression was simply too obvious and too eye-piercing.

Huang Zixiao’s original perturbed feelings were spiked under this situation and he could no longer control himself.

“Lass, what kind of expression is this? It’s not even twelve months and you call that long? It’s simply too short, okay?? Just this bit of time, ordinary practitioners might not even break through to second stage conceptualization. But you? You’ve already broken through to the fifth stage conceptualization! Your speed is almost like flying, so what are you dissatisfied with?”

“Moreover, when you were comprehending, you were merely in the ninth stage realm! Do you know what that means?”

Huang Zixiao had enough of this senseless young lass!

Moreover, it was possible because she was too genius, so not only did she not have any common sense, she also often unknowingly agitated others!