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Chapter 2808: Whose Phoenix is this? (3)

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Huang Zixiao saw her initial bitter face and thought that she was still upset over being interrupted in the middle of her comprehension. He couldn’t help but start to persuade her.

“I say, young lady, you shouldn’t try to bite off more than you can chew! Did you think that sixth stage conceptualization is so easy to comprehend? Not to mention you, even if it was heaven grade geniuses who were already in tenth stage realm, they had to spend a minimum of eight to ten years before they could comprehend it!”

“Of course, your comprehension skills are simply too extraordinary. But if you are overly self-confident and insist on proceeding with it, it would be a huge loss if you end up injuring your soul trace!”

Huang Zixiao nagged on, hoping to make this young lass gain some common sense.

However, Huang Yueli seemed as though she wasn’t paying any attention to his words. She suddenly curled her lips and smiled.

Huang Zixiao’s face instantly turned black. “Hey, young lass, are you listening to me or not? What I said earlier is very important, do you know?”

Huang Yueli was still thinking about her own stuff and just nodded her head casually. “I know, I know, I already know!”

Huang Zixiao was dissatisfied with her perfunctory attitude but he could do nothing about it. Seeing that Huang Yueli was going to become the more precious baby in their Sacred Phoenix Race, he couldn’t do anything to her even if she didn’t listen to him.

So thinking about it, he unwillingly emphasized, “In the future when you go to God Realm, you will definitely have more chances to comprehend the other conceptualization drawings. So you need not be so anxious right now. You’ve just advanced to the tenth stage realm. After your ascension, you have to stabilize your cultivation before considering upgrading.”

No matter what, Huang Zixiao was still one of the top exponents in God Realm. His cultivation and experience were much higher than Huang Yueli’s.

Listening to his stern tone, she nodded her head seriously, “Senior, don’t worry. I understand.”

Just at this moment, Huang Yueli felt a tug on her clothes. It seemed like something was hooked onto her clothes, and she was being pulled back.

She went into a short blank and looked down to find a beautiful little phoenix that was flapping its wings. Its little beak tugged her dress, as though it was trying to attract her attention.

Huang Yueli’s eyes widened and stared at this sizable and well-contoured little phoenix. A look of praise appeared in her eyes!

Little Wang Cai noticed Female Devil’s gaze and worked even harder to spread its wings. He lifted its neck and made itself look more luxurious and muscular.

In this short period, it had suffered under Huang Zixiao’s torment. Every single day, it had to follow the contents in the <> book to train hard.

It could not eat any chicken drumsticks and had to exercise every day in the entire process, so Little Phoenix was full of grievances. But he had no choice but to admit that after this special training, Little Wang Cai had indeed turned beautiful by several times!

The current outlook was no longer a plump little chicken but struck a glamourous pose from an ancient spiritual beast’s infant.

Toward this, Little Wang Cai was rather proud and decided to display itself well in front of her!

Seeing her blown away by him, Little Wang Cai was even prouder.

Just at this moment, Huang Yueli suddenly opened her mouth. “Wow! Senior Huang, did you rear this infant phoenix? It’s really… really too beautiful! So, the inheritance tower also rears a phoenix here? Is this my reward for passing the third stage refinement? If it isn’t, I’ll use Little Wang Cai to trade with you!”

Little Phoenix was instantly stunned..