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Chapter 2805: Advance! Tenth Stage Realm! (4)

Immediately following that, Huang Yueli opened her eyes.

That usually sparkly eyes unleashed a kind of substantial powerful essence!

Huang Zixiao exchange a glance at her and was instantly shocked. It took him a couple of minutes before he came back to his senses.

He said joyously, “Lass, you… you’re finally awake! How do you feel? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

Huang Yueli didn’t say a word but weakly nodded.

Huang Zixiao heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s great! There’s not much time left! You should have sensed it already, you’re almost going to break through to the tenth stage realm! Let’s get past this hurdle in front of you then chat!”

Actually, without his reminder, Huang Yueli could also sense the tremendous change in her body!

Previously when she was in the <>, even though her soul trace was inside the drawing and she had already left her physical body, but she instinctively took in a lot of Heaven and Earth Profound Qi during her advancement! It was so full that it was enough to burst her meridians!

Following the rapid flow of her Profound Energy in her meridians, a scorching aura rose from her Dantian and charged to her head! It caused her consciousness to be impacted!

Whereas now, it was the crucial moment when she was comprehending the sixth stage conceptualization. Originally, her soul trace was already having a hard time trying to accommodate the sixth stage conceptualization runes. Her brain kept twitching in pain and now, under the flourishing impact of Profound Energy, it caused her a splitting headache!

This time, even if she was in the drawing, Huang Yueli knew that her physical body had met with an extremely dangerous crisis.

Helpless, she could only choose to stop comprehending and forcibly give up.

Luckily, in the world of the <>, everyone was structured based on the former clan leader’s consciousness. So the rules in the drawing were not affected by the outside world.

Huang Yueli silently chanted “Give up” in her mind and it only took a blink of an eye before her soul trace was rebounded and returned to her body.

By the time her senses resumed back to the original place, Huang Yueli then realized that she had unknowingly reached the step of breakthrough to the tenth stage realm!

Before she could even feel happy, she sensed the uncontrollable Profound Energy within her body. It was just about to lose control as it crazily impacted her Dantian!

In this way, not only would she not be able to breakthrough smoothly, her chest was even feeling a twitching pain which almost caused her to throw up blood!

She tried her best to contain the discomfort and sat cross-legged on the spot, which was a standard cultivation pose. At the same time, she congealed her senses and focused all her attention as she started to work up the ninth turn in the <> cultivation method! She managed to control the rampaging Profound Energy and gathered it once again.

Through her hard work, the Profound Energy in her meridians started to flow as per normal. Under her willpower, she congealed it and started to charge towards the tenth stage realm!

Huang Zixiao was relieved to see that. He shuffled back so that he would not disrupt her. He sat quietly waiting to see the birth of the youngest tenth stage realm practitioner in the entire Sacred Phoenix Race’s history!

Half of the sky in the inheritance tower was occupied by the huge Sacred Phoenix Reflection. It opened its wings and rummaged. Following the flapping of its wings, the powerful fire attributed energy kept unleashing and slowly gushed towards Huang Yueli, merging into her meridians…

Finally, her surrounding aura reached a critical point!