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Chapter 2771: Towards the Inheritance Tower (6)

Although the preparation time was a little too short, the Number One Sacred Lands’ position was right there. Cang Po Jun’s appointment ceremony was rather grand.

Various large powerhouses presidents attended the ceremony, offering generous gifts which they had specially selected.

At the appointment ceremony, Cang Po Jun fondly recalled the days when he was under Li Moying and also expressed that Blue Profound Sect’s Sovereign position was just a term. All the Guardians would still treat Huang Yueli as their Mistress.

Huang Yueli merely smiled and didn’t say a word.

On the contrary, the other powerhouses’ practitioners were exceptionally surprised.

When they heard that Blue Profound Sect’s newly appointed Sovereign was not Huang Yueli but Cang Po Jun, many of them were secretly guessing that the both of them had conflicts. Cang Po Jun made use of his prestige in Blue Profound Sect to gain victory over Huang Yueli, hence ascending to the position of Sovereign!

There were quite a number of people who were itching to do something. They felt that they might be able to take advantage of the internal strife within Blue Profound Sect.

However, when everyone saw this, they realized that things weren’t as they had thought!

Huang Yueli and Cang Po Jun’s relationship was still very good.

Then why did she give up the position of Sovereign to him? Could it be that… she also wanted to aim for the tenth stage realm?

But, she’s only seventeen??

Many practitioners just started to surface this idea but denied it immediately after!

A seventeen-year-old aiming for the tenth stage realm was something impossible. Even in God Realm, such a peerless talent did not exist!

No matter how other people guessed, Blue Profound Sect did not give any explanation.

As for Huang Yueli, she was prepared to leave after the appointment ceremony.

Toward her departure, Bai Liufeng and Huang Siluo were extremely ill at ease. The two of them went to visit Huang Yueli every single day.

They had just acknowledged this intelligent and adorable daughter of theirs. Especially for Huang Siluo, she had just spent time with her for only two months and they were going to separate again. Hence she felt exceptionally reluctant.

Huang Yueli didn’t hide anything from them, and directly told them where she was heading to – the Sacred Phoenix Race’s Inheritance Tower!

That year, when she was still in the South Sky Region, she obtained the map of the inheritance tower from the mechanism that Bai Liufeng left for her. Coincidentally, she managed to enter the inheritance tower and also obtained a large number of resources and phoenix blood.

Back then, the tower spirit guardian once told her that after she breakthroughs to the ninth stage realm, she can go into the inheritance tower again. The tower had refinement trials for ninth stage realm practitioners. If they passed, there was a ninety-nine percent chance of ascending!

An ancient god clan’s inheritance was not something that ordinary sects or powerhouses could compare with.

Huang Yueli wanted to break through to the tenth stage realm as soon as possible, so the first thing she thought of was to go to the inheritance tower to take part in the last refinement.

Bai Liufeng kept holding back and finally, he couldn’t endure it any longer. “Lass Li, don’t go to such a dangerous place for an experience journey! Based on your innate talent, you will be able to break through the tenth stage realm even if you cultivate in Blue Profound Sect! Why must you go there within a year? Let that stinky brat Li survive on his own in God Realm. If he dares to do anything to betray you, I will find a better man for you!”

Huang Yueli didn’t know if she should laugh or cry. Her father usually looked normal but whenever something had to do with her, he would immediately turn very childish.