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Chapter 2770: Towards the Inheritance Tower (5)

But the most important thing that she wanted to do was to look for Li Moying.

After spending the last three months in Levitation Sword Palace, she realized that her cultivation speed was not fast enough. She had merely advanced into the ninth stage realm second level, raised by only one small realm!

The advancement difficulty to advance into the next few small realms would increase. From ninth stage realm peak to tenth stage realm peak was a deep pit to pass through. If her luck was low, she might not be able to break through without spending a few years!

If she were to continue like this, she might have to spend eight or ten years before she could reunite with Li Moying!

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli no longer hesitated and said firmly, “Elders, I understand and appreciate your kind intentions. But to me, the most important thing is to ascend to God Realm as fast as I can! I plan to break through to the tenth stage realm within one year so I cannot continue to stay here. Ten days later, I will set off on a journey to various parts of Soaring Heavens Continents to go for an experience!”


Hearing that, all the Elders were shocked and their jaws almost fell to the ground.

“One… one year? Breakthrough to tenth stage realm?”

“Madam… this, this… will it be better for you to consider it a little longer?”

“Cough cough, we know that you and Sovereign are very much in love but surely it needn’t be so urgent right? After all, you’re still young. Once you break through to the tenth stage realm, you will have a few thousand years of longevity so you’re not short of these three to five years…”

Those Elders finally found their voices and started to persuade her again.

Even though everyone was confident of her innate talent, hearing her say it still sounded ridiculous!

Breakthrough to tenth stage realm within a year!

Did she think the tenth stage realm was some cabbage growing by the roadside? Something that could easily be obtained?

How many practitioners had lived close to a thousand years old but still weren’t able to find a chance to breakthrough? Hence they were stuck at ninth stage realm peak!

Whereas for Huang Yueli, she was only seventeen and now she was saying that she wanted to break through to the tenth stage realm within a year!

Those elderly men here really wanted to shed tears!

Moreover, no one believed that she could do it.

Even Li Moying spent an entire year. From ninth stage realm first level, he gradually rose and smoothly ascended. Moreover, Li Moying advanced so quickly mainly because he and Huang Yueli’s primordial spirits had merged. So he obtained a huge amount of energy, breaking through the bottleneck instantly!

If it wasn’t for this, Li Moying wouldn’t have ascended so soon.

Even Liu Buyan who was sitting by the side frowned. “Junior Sister, you needn’t be this hasty. For cultivation, more haste less speed! So it’s better to take it slow…

Huang Yueli sat on the main seat in the hall and after she was done listening to their persuasions, she nodded. “I understand everyone’s intentions but I’ve already made up my mind. There’s no need to persuade me any longer! I will go according to my plan to go on experience learning. Perhaps I might meet with a chance to ascend and not return to Sky Emperor City! So everyone must select a new Sovereign candidate today.”

The crowd spent a lot of time persuading her, but she had already made up her mind. Other than Li Moying, no one else could persuade her.

Helpless, everyone could only agree to Cang Po Jun taking up the position as Sovereign.

With that, the appointment ceremony was to be held five days later.