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Chapter 2717: Advance, and advance again (2)

This environment simply made one feel uncomfortable.

But to a practitioner, in order to raise one’s cultivation, braving different kinds of situations was normal so this small difficulty would naturally not put any one of them off!

Everyone immediately expressed that they were willing to stay in the Northern Ice Fields to cultivate for some time.

Other than Huang Yueli and Li Moying, everyone else sustained a heavy injury. Even though Huang Yueli and Liu Buyan had already shared their medicinal pills, but that was administering treatment for external injuries. Their real injuries could only be completely healed through one’s cultivation.

As for Huang Yueli and Li Moying, they weren’t injured but they had just taken a huge leap in advancement over a short duration. The promotion of cultivation was due to some special reason hence their foundation was extremely unstable. Only through cultivation over a period would they be able to stabilize it.

So everyone had a short discussion and decided to stay in the Northern Ice Fields to cultivate for the next three months. After that, they would start on their journey back to Sky Emperor City.

Although the environment was rather tough, Huang Yueli was an Armament Master and she had so many ninth stage realm peak practitioners’ help.

It only took two days and she had already built some simple rooms near the Snow Phoenix Palace’s ruins. She also set up some arrays and mechanisms to prevent those disoriented airflows from invading their space.

She and Li Moying entered adjoining rooms and started to cultivate on their own.

Huang Yueli sat cross-legged and worked up the <> mind skill and let it flow around her meridians for one cycle.

She quickly settled down and focused on cultivation totally.

A Sky Phoenix Ring’s mark appeared in between her brows. Moreover, as the Profound Energy flowed in her body, this mark appeared deeper and clearer!

The Sky Phoenix Ring, a large amount of blood essence energy and fused it with Huang Yueli’s meridians.

These blood essence energies were those which were released when the blood moon dropped from the sky and had been absorbed by the Sky Phoenix Ring.

Moreover, Huang Yueli’s soul trace had completely merged with the Sky Phoenix Ring, hence this blood essence energy completely became Huang Yueli’s energy. Unfortunately, her cultivation wasn’t high enough so if she were to abruptly take in so much energy, her body would not be able to take it and explode!

So the Sky Phoenix Ring would store these energies on its own. Whenever Huang Yueli cultivated, it would be slowly released.

Huang Yueli had experienced the True Phoenix Fire burns and the intensity of her flesh body was raised by several levels. Even if it was God Realm’s tenth stage realm practitioners, they might not be able to be compared to her!

Moreover now, under the double effect of fire attributed Heaven and Earth Profound Energy and blood essence energy, the energy in her meridians swiftly raised!

She had barely sat down for less than half a quarter of an hour and her entire body emitted waves of Profound Energy fluctuations!

Eighth stage realm second level!

She didn’t even need to lift a finger and Huang Yueli had already advanced by a small realm!

Eighth stage realm and above are considered as top rate practitioners in Soaring Heavens Continent. Every single time a small realm was raised, it would take up several years of effort, and also with a large number of medicinal pills to supplement.

However, to Huang Yueli, it seemed as easy as lifting a finger!

After advancing by a small realm, Huang Yueli’s Profound Energy did not stop revolving. Instead, it grew faster and accumulated even more…

Eighth stage realm third level!

Eighth stage realm fourth level!

Eighth stage realm fifth level!

Every time she broke through a small realm, everything fell into place easily and smoothly. Huang Yueli didn’t feel any pressure and her body was in an extremely comfortable state, as she easily advanced by another realm.