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Chapter 2716: Advance, and advance again (1)

Huang Yueli’s culinary skills were top-notch. Every single time she cooked in the courtyard, the fragrance would whiff around and make everyone in Levitation Sword Palace salivate.

In the end, it was all made for a fat chicken!

Living people like them didn’t have a chance to eat at all!

When they thought of that, all of them felt like crying.

What was called couldn’t be compared to a chicken? That was a living example!

It was now that they discovered that this fat little baby chicken was a high almighty ancient spiritual beast, a great phoenix which would be extremely powerful after it grew up!

No wonder Huang Yueli would roast chicken drumsticks for it…

Thinking along that trail, everyone felt rather appeased.

“This… so this phoenix’s infant stage is actually… cough cough, it’s rather cute.” Cang Po Yu commented in an extremely restrained manner.

Cang Po Jun gave an awkward smile, “Plump children who eat more are healthy…”

Huang Yueli was originally rather hurt. Upon hearing these, her lips twitched, and almost burst up laughing.

Little Phoenix was indeed courageous, but being too fat was unhealthy. However, Soaring Heavens Continent didn’t have a phoenix’s favorite Jasper Parasol Leaf so she could only just let it eat whatever it wanted.

“When it wakes up, it’s time to go on a diet!” Li Moying’s lips curled upwards as he said with a profound look.

Huang Siluo was listening to them and simply felt that something was amiss. An ancient spiritual beast Phoenix eating chicken drumsticks every day? What was that?

She couldn’t help but interrupted, “Lass Li, you shouldn’t be rearing a phoenix in that way! Mother has a few rearing manuals for ancient spiritual beasts which were left from ancient times. When we have reached a safe place, Mother will impart it all of those to you.”

Her mother had already spoken so Huang Yueli could only nod her head obediently.

The poor little phoenix was going into a rough period under the watchful eyes of Li Moying and Huang Siluo’s supervision…

Everyone started to joke and laugh for a bit more before they started to enter the main topic, which was to discuss the next course of action.

Bai Liufeng muttered, “The entire Northern Ice Fields had been impacted by the energy from the Blood Moon Great Array’s explosion. Practically everyone was destroyed. The cave dwelling that I had stayed in previously is probably in ruins. We don’t have any place to stay. Moreover, Blue Profund Sect has a lot of sect affairs waiting for you to handle. By right, we should leave the Northern Ice Fields as soon as possible, but…”

He appeared rather hesitant when he was saying that.

Huang Yueli urged, “Father, just speak your mind!”

Bai Liufeng nodded and said, “Alright, then I shall be frank! I don’t know if you have sensed this. After the blood moon exploded, a portion of the energy was used to restore the Sky Phoenix Ring. But quite a lot of energy remains in the Northern Ice Field’s sky. There is a high density of Heaven and Earth Profound Qi around. This is a treasured place that is very suitable for cultivation. No spiritual artery could attain such an effect here…”

Hearing him say that, everyone started nodding their heads.

“That’s right, it indeed is so. If we can cultivate here, our efforts will be reduced!”

“Now that Lord Zhan is dead, this should be a safe place and is indeed a good place for cultivating.”

“But the environment…”

Northern Ice Fields was originally a place with vile weather. Now after experiencing several explosions, the environment was terrible. The entire ground was filled with various shattered stones and icicles. There were various kinds of energy flow in the air. Combined with the rampaging snowstorm, it would occasionally give a charred smell.