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Chapter 2718: Advance, and advance again (3)

Moreover, to her, this was just the beginning.

Huang Yueli’s Profound Energy from her body kept flowing, and the Sky Phoenix Ring’s mark in between her eyebrows was becoming darker…

Surging Profound Energy flowed rapidly in her meridians, like a vast ocean which had no limits…

Eighth stage realm six level!

Eighth stage realm seven level!

Eighth stage realm eight level!

Sky Phoenix Ring’s mark turned blood red and was shown prominently in between her brows. That phoenix totem seemed to have a life of its own, as though it would spread its wings and fly at any moment!

Huang Yueli’s fair little face suddenly flushed red and the blood essence energy mixed with fire attributed Profound Energy formed a ball of red glow that enveloped her entirely in the middle.

Northern Ice Fields’ upper skies Heaven and Earth Profound Qi also gushed towards where she was seated, gathering rampantly!

Huang Yueli’s eyes were shut tightly and a harsh bitter glint flashed past her eyes—

Eighth stage realm… ninth level!

The Profound Energy in Huang Yueli’s body started to ease a little after it charged all the way to eighth stage realm peak cultivation.

Ninth stage realm, to any practitioner in Soaring Heavens Continent, was like a moat that was difficult to step across. Each side of the moat represented a different fate for the practitioner!

If it was just to breakthrough to the ninth stage realm, then in order to become the Continent’s real strong practitioner, one’s physique and meridians would be strengthened to a large extent. From then on, a practitioner would be able to gain a few thousand years of lifespan. Moreover, the body would not age along with age. Only when one’s lifespan was almost up would one instantly age and die.

Moreover, if one had no way to break through this step, that practitioner would only gain two to three hundred years of lifespan. The ability as compared to a ninth stage realm practitioner was totally different!

Many practitioners spent a few hundred years of hard work, just so that they could reach the ninth stage realm.

Now, Huang Yueli had already touched the door leading to the peak and she… wasn’t even seventeen years old yet!

The entire freezing zone’s upper sky was enveloped by a fire attribute energy.

Above Huang Yueli’s head was a huge phoenix reflection that slowly ascended into the sky.

The energy fluctuations which she attracted were overly strong. Bai Liufeng and the others were originally cultivating but at this moment, all of them had awoken from the shock.

Everyone started to run out of their rooms. When they came to the empty land in front of the Snow Phoenix Palace ruins, they lifted their heads and looked at the rose-tinted skies and light rays.

When Huang Yueli broke through to the eighth stage realm, she had once transformed the Phoenix’s reflection. Back then, it attracted Lord Zhan’s attention and he tried various methods to search and capture the person.

Sacred Phoenix Race clansmen were shocked by her Sacred Phoenix Reflection!

Whereas now, the Sacred Phoenix Reflection that appeared in front of everyone’s eyes was much more powerful and magnificent than the previous, which left them in awe!

Sacred Phoenix Reflection slowly congealed and became large and realistic. The surrounding energies formed a large vortex, pulling Huang Yueli into it.

It extended to several feet large before the Sacred Phoenix Reflection stopped increasing.

The phoenix spread its wings and flapped it gently. In an instance, it covered the blazing sun and sky above their heads.

Immediately following that, the phoenix raised its head and gave off a long and loud shrill!

This shrill seemed to contain powerful energy in Heaven and Earth that instilled fear in the practitioners’ hearts. All of them shuffled back at the same time and stopped after a distance.

Liu Buyan looked at this scene and was extremely astonished!

“This… Junior Sister she… she’s about to advance?”