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Chapter 2666: So, you’ve been hiding this from me (6)



Li Moying saw her falling and wanted to catch her, but he was unable to defend himself right now. So he could only watch her fall on the ground.

Luckily, the Sky Phoenix Ring’s garden was full of soft mud so she didn’t feel too badly. But her face was stained with mud and she looked rather dishevelled.

Huang Yueli stood up and patted off the mud off her clothes, then she looked down at the ground.

Seeing this, she discovered that there was a pile of medicinal pills, Profound Weapons, medicinal herbs and it scattered everywhere. These items look rather familiar.

“What’s this?” Huang Yueli furrowed her brows.

Little Wang Cai gave a weak explanation by the side, “This, this… all the Profound Weapons which had been thrown into the Sky Phoenix Ring would become ineffective by the ancient God Relic’s might. Your space realm could not be used so everything inside had dropped on the ground. Don’t blame me for not reminding you. Who asked you not to look carefully when you walk, so serves you right for falling…”

Little Wang Cai was anxiously trying to absolve himself of the blame. However, Huang Yueli wasn’t listening at all. She had been attracted by a faint golden scroll.

This scroll was the exact culprit that caused her fall.

Li Moying had passed everything he had to his wife, so Huang Yueli basically knew what he had in his realm ring.

However, this scroll looked rather unfamiliar. Huang Yueli did not recall that she had seen it previously.

Moreover, this scroll was giving off a faint golden glow. Just one look and one could tell that it wasn’t something ordinary. It was most likely a treasure. Moreover, the external portion had a sealing array pattern on it, which looked extremely secretive.

She subconsciously bent down to pick it up and check on it.

But Li Moying also started moving when she did.

He turned towards Huang Yueli’s direction and her arm happened to crush on the scroll.

Huang Yueli used three fingers to pick it up, but before she wasn’t able to. She couldn’t help but was stunned momentarily, “Moying?”

Li Moying pretended as though he didn’t sense what she was trying to do and he looked at the door in the main hall. “Li’er, aren’t you going into the room to see if there’s any treasure that can be used?”

Huang Yueli regained her senses and her attention had indeed been diverted. “Ah, yes! That’s right!”

“There’s not much time left, you’d better get moving!”

Huang Yueli nodded her head, “Yes, I’ll go right now! You… you’re not allowed to move. Stay here and work on your recovery, do you understand?”

Li Moying agreed readily.

Huang Yueli then turned around and left in a hurry.

When Li Moying saw her walking into the hall without turning back, he heaved a long sigh of relief. Lifting his aching right hand, he wiped the sweat off his forehead!

Just a bit, it was just a bit more before his greatest secret was exposed by Huang Yueli!

That golden-colored scroll was not any other thing. It was the remnant pages of the <> that he got from Liu Buyan!

Back then, after he snatched the remnant pages, his first reaction was to destroy the pages. In this way, the contents in the remnant pages would only be known to him and Liu Buyan. So this secret would never be revealed.

Li Moying tried many ways to destroy it. He resorted to tearing the pages, using water to soak them, and burning them, but those few thin pieces of paper just couldn’t be destroyed!