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Chapter 2665: So, you’ve been hiding this from me (5)

The minute Li Moying was thrown out, he would fall into the Blood Moon Great Array again.

The result would be for him to experience the entire process of blood essence and spiritual root being drawn away again, suffering pain that was worse than death…

“Damnit, why did things turn out like this!” Huang Yueli punched the ground hard!

In comparison, Li Moying was much more composed.

When he found out that he was going to die once again, there weren’t too many changes in his expression.

Li Moying held Huang Yueli’s wrist gently. The strength he used wasn’t very big but it stopped her action of punching the ground. Her little fist stopped in mid-air.

“Li’er, don’t be anxious. Things might not be as bad as what Little Wang Cai said. After all, our spirits are linked and it’s different from what he thinks. Our connection is much stronger than ordinary people…”

Huang Yueli went into a daze and suddenly recalled that a portion of her primordial spirit came from Li Moying.

Their primordial spirits had fused and combined with each other.

This kind of spiritual connection was naturally closer than anything else.

Based on this relationship, perhaps Li Moying would be able to stay in the Sky Phoenix Ring for a slightly longer time.

She heaved a slight sigh of relief and became calmer. But her brows were still tightly knitted and she said softly, “Even if you can stay here for a little while longer, we will still have to leave this place eventually. We can’t keep staying inside the Sky Phoenix Ring. I think, since things have come to such a pass, Lord Zhan will not give up so easily, so we’d still have to go out!”

Li Moying nodded his head and said, “That’s right. Moreover, I’m a little worried about father-in-law and mother-in-law. If Lord Zhan is unable to gather sufficient blood essence from us, he might set his designs on them…”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli jumped up and said, “Right, what you said is correct! That Lord Zhan is deranged and he will do anything! We must leave this place and save mother and the others. Otherwise, the consequences will be dire!”

She thought about it and turned to walk into the room, “The Sky Phoenix Ring has many treasures which were left behind by the previous owner. I’ll go in and take a look to see if there’s anything that we can use!”

Li Moying could not think of any other ideas so he could only get up and try to follow her in.

However, he had just started to move when he felt a wave of dizziness. He could not control his body and fell onto the ground once again.

Huang Yueli heard a sound and when she turned back to take a look, she quickly ran back again. She held onto him and stopped him from trying to get up.

“Moying, you… you’re not allowed to move. I’ll go in and check on my own! Do you know what condition are you in right now? Twice, you used your inherent fated blood essence to forcibly raise your cultivation. Then you were absorbed by so many blood essence! If I didn’t use so many pills of ninth levelled top graded medicinal pills to save your life, you’d long be… long be… anyway, just stay here and concentrate on recuperation. Do not move about recklessly!”

“But there are only two hours more and I will…” Li Moying used his determination to suppress the horrid feeling, attempting to reason with Huang Yueli.

She stared fiercely at him, “You also know that there’s just one hour! If you don’t grab hold of time to recuperate, later when you really get thrown out, you won’t even be able to last for a breath!”

She got up after she gave Li Moying a good lecture.

Huang Yueli had just got up when she felt something under her feet. It caused her to lose her balance as she fell sideways on the ground.