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Chapter 2656: Still not back (2)

He was the only one who knew the truth about Li Moying’s incomplete primordial spirit.

The current Li Moying, as compared to Mu Chengying from twenty years ago, was totally on a different level!

Liu Buyan was extremely worried about him.

Just as the three of them were talking, they suddenly heard a shuffle of messy and disoriented footsteps coming from the corridor in front.

Everyone’s spirits lifted as they ran towards the corridor joyously!

A figure staggered in the darkness.

— It was Bai Liufeng!

He carried Huang Siluo in his arms and trudged forward as he was covered in injuries. He slowly walked along the wall towards them.

“Marquis Bai! You’re finally here. Oh dear, you’ve sustained a lot of injuries! Quick, come over here and sit down!”

Cang Po Jun hurriedly headed forward to support them while Liu Buyan took out several life-preserving high levelled pills for the both of them.

Bai Liufeng sat on the ground. He lost the energy to pant, and quickly grabbed Liu Buyan’s hand as he said intermittently, “Div…Divine Doctor Liu, Lass Li…. Lass Li might be in danger! We… we have to think of a way to save them!”

The three of them were shocked and they hurriedly went closer. They asked relentlessly, “Marquis Bai, what happened? How is Sovereign and Grandmaster Huang now?”

Bai Liufeng’s face was filled with worries. He did a simple narration of their escape.

“After we split up, Lord Zhan indeed pursued after me and Siluo and quickly chased up to us. He consumed the evil pill that was refined using practitioners’ spiritual roots and his ability increased greatly. Even I couldn’t fight against him. We merely exchanged a few blows and I suffered a serious injury. Just as we were about to be captured by him, Snow Phoenix Palace started to shake…”

“That’s right, we also felt it then!” Cang Po Yu nodded. “It should be Grandmaster Huang and Sovereign who had succeeded!”

“That’s right. Junior Sister’s array skills are also extraordinary. The blood stench in the air has lightened a lot so she must have succeeded,” Liu Buyan said.

However, Bai Liufeng’s brows were still tightly creased and he didn’t look as though he was at ease.

He gave a long sigh and said, “What you guessed is right. After that tremor, Lord Zhan’s expression changed. He couldn’t even be bothered to care about me and Siluo and instantly turned back and ran towards the Blood Moon Great Array! Siluo and I were worried that he might turn back and chase us but along the way, we didn’t meet him at all.”

Cang Po Jun delved into deep thoughts. “From the looks of this, the Blood Moon Great Array must be damaged. Lord Zhan rushed back anxiously, probably he wanted to deal with the Sovereign and the others…”

Cang Po Yu showed a worried expression and asked, “Big Brother, what should we do? Lord Zhan would not let Sovereign and Grandmaster Huang off, knowing that they damaged the array. We don’t know if both of them can handle him! If… If something happens…”

“Don’t spout nonsense!” Cang Po Jun hurriedly interrupted him. “Sovereign has immense luck so he will be able to turn the misfortune around!”

Although he said that, there was an uneasy feeling in his heart that could not be suppressed.

He stayed silent for a long while and turned back to look at Bai Liufeng. “Marquis Bai, Grandmaster Huang kept reminding us about this before we split up. If we were to meet up with you and Madam Bai, we should send the both of you out first, then try to find a way to support them. Now that the Blood Moon Great Array’s power has weakened, Madam Bai should be able to leave on her own. Then we…”