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Chapter 2655: Still not back (1)

“No—! Moying, Moying—! Don’t die, please don’t die!”

Huang Yueli put her hands on Li Moying’s chest and injected the remaining bit of Profound Energy left in her into his meridians.

But Li Moying’s blood essence was almost dried up. This little bit of Profound Energy was akin to a clay ox entering the sea. It vanished in an instance.

Li Moying had already lost consciousness. His body fell on top of Huang Yueli.

She hurriedly hugged his waist and could no longer bother about her predicament. She furiously injected all her Profound Energy into Li Moying.

But alas, it was a waste of her effort.

Li Moying’s breathing grew weaker by the minute, and his body was also turning cold…

After Li Moying lost consciousness, no one helped her to block the pressure from the Blood Moon Great Array. So Huang Yueli’s blood essence was also drawn out in large quantities.

However, Huang Yueli did not feel any pain. She only had one thought in her mind! “Moying, you can’t die, please don’t die! Even if I have to die a thousand times, it doesn’t matter. As long as you stay alive…”

Following the growing strength of the Blood Moon Great Array, Huang Yueli’s consciousness was getting blurry…

In the end, she seemed to see a blinding gold light.

The exterior of Snow Phoenix Palace.

Cang Po Jun, Cang Po Yu, and Liu Buyan had already completed their missions and were waiting at the gathering point for a long time.

The three of them were responsible for destroying various important mechanisms outside Snow Phoenix Palace. They did not meet with any obstructions, and neither did they meet with Lord Zhan or other Sacred Phoenix Race practitioners. So the three of them were unharmed.

But they waited for more than an hour and did not see anyone else appearing. So the three of them started to grow anxious.

“What’s going on? Haven’t we made arrangements to gather here? We didn’t see Junior Sister or Marquis Bai. Could it be that… both of them have gotten into trouble?” Liu Buyan had the least patience, and he already walked in circles many times.

Cang Po Yu’s brows creased and analyzed, “This… this is hard to tell! Logically speaking, Lord Zhan would go after Marquis Bai, so Sovereign and Grandmaster Huang should be relatively safe…”

“How can you ascertain their safety?” Liu Buyan interrupted him irritably. “Junior Sister has gone deep into the Blood Moon Great Array to destroy it! If Marquis Bai and Madam Bai did not run fast enough, he might be caught by Lord Zhan. If Lord Zhan managed to rush back to the Blood Moon Great Array, then Junior Sister and Li Moying would be in deep trouble!”

Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Yu had the same worries on their mind, especially after they had been waiting for such a long time and no one appeared. Everyone was starting to think negatively.

But Cang Po Jun wasn’t willing to admit to this. “No! Sovereign is powerful, and no one can match up to his battle experience! No matter what kind of difficult situation they are in, they will have a way to escape. This time… will be the same! If we think along this line, Marquis Bai might be in trouble. Lord Zhan will first deal with Madam Bai. Should we think of a way to head over and help?”

“You trust Li Moying so much? From what I see, he’s no longer the same as yesteryear, and he might not be able to protect Junior Sister!” Liu Buyan retorted irritably and fussed.