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Chapter 2625: Blood Moon Ascends (4)

“But… how can we do this?” Everyone looked at each other in dismay, not knowing what was going on.

Bai Liufeng spoke exasperatedly, “No way. I already said that I will never leave! Since you are afraid of implicating these juniors, then we’ll just get them to leave first and I’ll stay behind to accompany you!”

“No, no way, you have to leave too!” Huang Siluo was frightened out of her wits and used her last bit of energy to shout, “Hurry up and leave, bring our daughter and leave this place! If anything were to happen to Li’er, even if I died, I will never forgive you!”

“You…” Bai Liufeng was flabbergasted, as he wished that he could just wake this woman up!

She actually said this kind of thing to force him to leave!

But what she did not realize was, even if it was so, he would not possibly leave her behind!

He had already been separated from Huang Siluo for the past fifteen years, so he would absolutely not allow her to leave on her own!

On the other hand, Li Moying looked extremely anxious as he carried Huang Yueli as well. “Li’er, what’s the matter with you? Your face is getting paler by the minute! Why not, we leave this place first?”

Huang Yueli shook her head. Although her voice wasn’t very loud, she spoke in an unwavering tone, “No, we cannot leave mother behind. Moreover, I’m still alright. Just feel a little… anemic?”

Liu Buyan took a look at her and he frowned, “The symptoms you are displaying indeed look like you are suffering from loss of blood essence. Quick, take this pill.”

He placed a porcelain bottle to Huang Yueli and turned around to check on Huang Siluo.

Huang Yueli poured out three pills that would replenish blood essence and swallowed it. After that, her complexion became much better.

She instantly pushed Li Moying aside and walked next to Huang Siluo.

“Mother, don’t keep trying to push us away. Why don’t you tell us what’s exactly happening to you! All of us can come up with an idea to deal with it! Lord Zhan might be powerful but we aren’t weaklings as well. Mother shouldn’t be worrying too much!”

Huang Yueli thought of bringing Huang Siluo away by force.

But the current situation did not allow her to do so.

It seemed that with every step they took, Huang Siluo’s condition would worsen a little. If they were unable to figure out the reason for this, Huang Siluo would be in grave danger even before they reached the teleportation array.

Huang Siluo looked at their determined looks and she knew that if she did not tell them the truth, these people would not leave.

She sighed, coughed, and opened her mouth to speak, “Haven’t you noticed that the blood stench in Snow Phoenix Palace is slowly becoming stronger?”

Everyone was stunned as they only just realized that the surrounding atmosphere had indeed become extremely strange. It made one feel queasy.

Without waiting for their reply, Huang Siluo continued talking, “This proved that Huang Zhanxiao had officially started the Sacrificial Ceremony and it is continuously drawing the energy from the Blood Moon Great Array. If there is sufficient energy in the Great Array, the few of us will naturally be safe. But now, I am suddenly throwing up blood and that proves that the blood essence which Huang Zhanxiao had been collecting from the human race isn’t enough to support the Sacrificial Ceremony. So he has no choice but to resort to more vicious methods!”

“What… what methods?” Bai Liufeng’s body was icy cold and his voice started quivering.