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Chapter 2626: Blood Moon Ascends (5)

“He will take one more step, to absorb Sacred Phoenix Race’s clansmen’s god clan bloodline!” Huang Siluo’s eyes were icy cold, as she spoke these words one at a time.


When she said that, everyone present couldn’t help but cried out in shock.

Even Huang Yueli couldn’t remain calm. She frowned and said, “Absorb Sacred Phoenix Race clansmen’s blood essence? This… this is simply too much! Lord Zhan himself is from Sacred Phoenix Clan, how can he do this? Hasn’t he said that human race practitioners are all lowly people so he used the Blood Moon Great Array to absorb their blood essence and he doesn’t feel any guilt about doing so! Then what about Sacred Phoenix Race? They have the same bloodline as him!”

Huang Siluo smiled coldly and said, “Do I need to say anything more about what kind of person is he? On the surface, he looks like he’s righteous but deep down in his bones, he’s just a selfish and cold-blooded person! He probably thinks that the most important thing is for himself to ascend to God Realm. As for the other people, they should just sacrifice for him!”

“Simple a beast in human clothings! How could there be such a shameless person under this heavens!” Liu Buyan was extremely furious as he couldn’t help but started to curse.

Li Moying was much calmer. He muttered to himself for a short moment and asked, “In this way, Mother-in-law suddenly getting such a serious injury is because Lord Zhan is trying to suck your clansmen’s blood essence? Then… why doesn’t Li’er have the same symptoms as you?”

Huang Siluo said, “The Blood Moon Great Array has a different exclusive method to absorb Sacred Phoenix Race’s blood essence. It’s totally different from absorbing the human race’s blood essence. Huang Zhanxiao doesn’t know that all of you have infiltrated this place. So in order to increase the speed of absorbing blood essence and energy, he fully executed the secret technique focused on Sacred Phoenix Race only. Li’er has the bloodline of a human race from her father, so she’s considered as mixed blood. Hence the effect on her is much lower.”

“I see…” Li Moying nodded after listening to this explanation.

The others delved into deep thoughts.

According to what Huang Siluo said, it would pose a huge difficulty if they wanted to bring her out.

“Moreover, the situation is much worse than you can imagine. Absorbing clansmen’s blood essence means that Huang Zhanxiao is on the verge of insanity. He had already staked everything, disregarding the consequences, just to achieve his aim! Hence, if the energy in the Blood Moon Great Array still isn’t enough after absorbing the clansmen’s blood essence, he will shift the Sacrificial Ceremony earlier and immediately kill me!”

Huang Siluo’s face turned grave, “You must all leave right now. Don’t stay for too long, he will be here soon!”

Originally, their plan was to bring Huang Siluo away during the two hours of free time before the start of the Sacrificial Ceremony. That should have been more than sufficient.

However, this sudden change occurred at this moment.

They had only brought her away from the secret room for less than one hour, and Lord Zhan might possibly arrive earlier…

Blood Moon Great Array.

Lord Zhan wore a black long robe. He was covered in the thick and dignified dark Ice Silk robe from head to toe. Behind him was a piece of cape, which flew when driven under the Profound Energy.

When the cape opened up, everyone saw the elaborate Sacred Phoenix totem which was embroidered on it.

Under the wind, the phoenix on the cape looked lively, as though it was about to fly in the bloody red mist!

Lord Zhan stood above the skies on top of the Blood Moon Great Array with a solemn expression, as he presided over the Sacrificial Ceremony.

All the Sacred Phoenix Race’s practitioners were seated around the surroundings of the Great Array.