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Chapter 2624: Blood Moon Ascends (3)

Li Moying frowned slightly and immediately made a decision, “No, there’s no time! We have to quickly leave Snow Phoenix Palace! Mother-in-law, please hold on a little longer. Once we return to the cave dwelling, Liu Buyan will be there to administer treatment for you and you’ll be alright!”

He waved his hand and indicated for everyone to leave quickly.

However, Huang Siluo continued to shake her head, “No, you guys… you guys listen to me. I cannot leave! You.. leave me here now and quickly go. Otherwise… no one will be able to leave!”

“No way!” Bai Liufeng was the first person to reject this suggestion. “I will absolutely not leave you behind! You must leave with us!”

The others also echoed in agreement.” That’s right. Madam Bai, just hang on a little longer and we will be able to leave soon! At most, it will take the amount of time to brew a pot of tea!”

“That’s right, let go quickly and stop wasting time!”

They were originally here to save her. They couldn’t understand what made Huang Siluo change her mind at the last minute. But if they were to leave her here, wouldn’t they have wasted their efforts by taking such a huge risk today?

Everyone moved forward. Bai Liufeng ignored Huang Siluo’s objection and carried her up again, as they moved towards the bronze door.

But he had barely taken two steps when Huang Siluo gave another dull groan and spat out a mouthful of blood!

Moreover, the blood that she spat out turned into a blood mist, swirling in mid-air and. But it only took a few seconds and it disappeared without a trace.

“Wha.. What’s going on??”

“Madam Bai, what’s happening to you…”

“What’s going on? Has Lord Zhan discovered us already?”

Everyone was shocked by Huang Siluo’s frail reaction. It was only at this point when everyone realized that the situation seemed a little unusual.

Huang Siluo’s face was as white as paper. She clenched her teeth tightly and was about to speak.

Just at this moment, Huang Yueli also cried out in shock, “Strange, my… my head is so dizzy, and my blood essence… seems… seems like it’s going to overflow!”

“Li’er!!” Hearing that, Li Moying had a huge shock.

He hurriedly turned around and returned to Huang Yueli’s side, pulling her into his arms. “Li’er, what’s the matter? You also feel unwell?”

Huang Yueli’s complexion wasn’t very good, but her situation wasn’t as bad as Huang Siluo’s.

She pushed Li Moying’s chest and shook her head. “I… I’m still alright and I can move freely, but… I indeed don’t feel very well. Could it be that we’ve taken the wrong path and this bronze door has something strange inside?”

Her brows creased as she pondered.

Everyone originally wanted to rush out from the door and upon hearing that, they stopped in their tracks.

Their whereabouts had not been exposed yet. Otherwise, Lord Zhan would have shut off all the mechanisms and came to kill them directly.

But now that this kind of accident happened, and Huang Siluo was even gravely injured till she threw up blood. It was highly possible that she might have been struck by some kind of mechanism or poison.

“How about This Subordinate move ahead to check out this place first?” Cang Po Yu stood up and asked for permission.

Li Moying hadn’t said a word and Huang Siluo already started shaking her head, “No… it’s not because of the mechanism. It’s… sigh, you’d all better leave quickly! As long as you don’t bring me along, you will still be able to have a smooth exit!”