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Chapter 2623: Blood Moon Ascends (2)

Bai Liufeng felt that there was nothing for him to feel dissatisfied about any longer.

Seeing that they were about to get away, everyone started to loosen up a little. But at the same time, they hastened their pace.

Huang Yueli looked at the map in her hand and a smile appeared on her face. “Alright, we’re now at the highest floor. As long as we walk straight out from this corridor and pass through three huge doors, there will be a teleportation array and we can teleport out from there!”

Liu Buyan smiled and said, “That’s great. Our luck today isn’t bad at all. That Lord Zhan didn’t notice that his sacrificial item is immediately going to run away!”

“Isn’t it so?” Cang Po Yu also smiled.

Huang Siluo was originally feeling flustered. But on seeing that they were about to leave this place, her suspended heart could finally be at ease.

She had been worrying that they would be discovered by Lord Zhan. After all, the Nine-piece Insight Lock was still on her. Although it was an extremely incredible half-god relic and Huang Yueli had expressed so much self-confidence, Huang Siluo was still worried that something would happen.

But now, they were already more than a thousand meters away from Lord Zhan and nothing had happened.

That proved that Huang Yueli’s armament refining skill was indeed miraculous!

Huang Siluo patted Bai Liufeng’s arm, “Alright, let me down. I can walk on my own! The speed is still not fast enough! Although there’s still a little bit of journey left, we cannot let our guards down. We must move at full speed!”

“You’re right!” Bai Liufeng nodded his head and after confirming that she was alright, he released her restrain and let her down.

The others also hastened their pace, following behind Huang Yueli and Li Moying, as they swiftly passed through the corridor.

They had already entered and left this floor’s exit twice. So they were rather familiar with it by now.

Huang Yueli walked to the tightly shut bronze door and operated the mechanism on the door in a proficient manner.

Not long later, the bronze door creaked and slowly opened up.

Joy filled everyone’s hearts and they took a step to pass through the door from the middle.

Suddenly at this moment, Huang Siluo gave a full groan!

“Ugh—!” The color on her face instantly turned pale and at the same time, blood slowly trickled down the corners of her lips…

“Siluo! You… what’s the matter with you?” Bai Liufeng had been checking on her situation and on seeing this, he instantly went up and held onto her.

Huang Siluo seemed unable to stand firmly and she leaned onto Bai Liufeng entirely. Her eyes were filled with horror!

“This… how would this…. cough cough…”

Everyone was shocked and hurriedly crowded around. They started buzzing with questions.

“What’s the matter? How is Madam Bai?”

“Wasn’t she alright earlier? Why is she suddenly injured?”

Liu Buyan pushed the crowd aside and walked up, “Madam Bai, how do you feel? Let me take a look…”

He stretched out his hand and wanted to hold Huang Siluo’s wrist to check on her pulse.

But she kept shaking her head. Speaking in a frail but anxious voice, she urged, “No… don’t bother! Leave me here, all of you… all of you leave quickly!”

No one expected Huang Siluo to say such things and was extremely surprised.

Moreover, from her confounded expression, it seemed that something terrifying had happened!

But they were already at this point. What other accident could happen?