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Chapter 2622: Blood Moon Ascends (1)

Huang Yueli had successfully modified the Nine-piece Insight Lock and that meant that she had an unparalleled talent in armament refining.

Even if she went to God Realm, she would become a first-rated armament refining genius.

Her daughter was so awesome!

Huang Siluo was emotional and deeply moved by this. She had finally calmed down slightly.

Whoever knew that another bomb suddenly landed on her again!

Lass Li knew medical skills as well? Moreover, she was Liu Buyan’s Junior Sister!

Liu Buyan was Soaring Heavens Continent’s Number One Divine Doctor. So would the innate talent of his Junior Sister be any worse off? Even if she could not be compared to him, she should not be too weak!

But Lass Li already had such high innate talent in armament refining, how could she possibly still refine pills?

This… this was simply an impossible thing!

Huang Siluo looked at her daughter and felt a little disoriented.

Bai Liufeng could tell what she was thinking from her expression. He recalled back to the first time when he heard about Huang Yueli’s innate talent, he nearly died of fright as well!

Too shocking, too ridiculous!

But now, there was no time for him to explain to her in detail.

Bai Liufeng hurriedly said, “Lass Li is indeed learning medical skills from Divine Doctor Dai. I’ll explain this in detail to you when we get out of here. This Young Master Liu is Lass Li’s Senior Brother. And these two gentlemen here are Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Yu. Both of them are Blue Profound Sect’s Guardians! They are also here to save you.”

Huang Siluo was stunned once again, “So…”

Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Yu were the top ten ranking exponents on the Sky Chart. Huang Siluo had once undergone experience learning in South Sky Region so how was it possible for her to not have heard of their names?

She had not expected that just to save her, Bai Liufeng gathered so many top-rated exponents!

Huang Siluo hurriedly cupped her hands in greeting to them and expressed her utmost gratitude, “Guardians, I’m extremely grateful to you for lending a hand!”

Whoever knew that when the both of them heard that, they seemed as though they were in shock. They quickly returned the greeting, “Please don’t mention it! This Subordinate is merely acting on Sovereign’s orders!”

Huang Siluo was stunned, “Sovereign? You mean, surely not…”

Her eyes turned towards the young couple who were walking at the front of the line.

Although they had been indulging in small talk and were mutually introduced, all of them did not stop walking. They were all exhibiting their Profound Skills and moving forward swiftly.

Li Moying held onto Huang Yueli’s hand and had been at the front of the pack.

Huang Yueli was holding a Snow Phoenix Palace’s internal distribution map and she led the group to the pre-designated route.

Huang Siluo had already noticed Li Moying’s various protection towards Huang Yueli. Their actions were intimate and they had a great tacit understanding. No matter which angle anyone looked at, they were a couple who everyone admired.

She originally felt that this son-in-law was pretty good. But she did not expect to find out that Li Moying seemed to be the Sovereign of the Number One Sacred Lands?

No wonder Bai Liufeng relented in the end, for them to get married at such a young age…

Huang Siluo was bombed by the continuous bombs and had long become dazed from it. So, she had been trying to digest this various news in the short span of a quarter of an hour.

Bai Liufeng was satisfied and he was in high spirits.

This rescue mission was extremely smooth. They just needed to pass through another three to four mechanisms and they would be able to leave Snow Phoenix Palace smoothly.

Now, his wife was in his arms and he had such an outstanding daughter and son-in-law by his side.