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Chapter 2603: Split Soul! (11)

Not knowing how long had passed, Huang Yueli was harboring the thoughts of committing suicide.

As long as she could end this suffering, she was willing to do anything!

In her daze, Huang Yueli also noticed another point.

Under this near insane tormentous suffering, Mu Chengying’s reaction was so peaceful that it had gone beyond her expectation.

He had been enduring the pain, as he continued to chant the mantras. Following the execution of the art of Split Soul, the heavenly thunder in the sky started crashing down. Each bolt was much stronger than the previous, and the energy contained in it was even more terrifying!

However, Mu Chengying still managed to finish chanting the curse. There wasn’t even any quivering in his voice at all.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Huang Yueli was now inside his soul trace, feeling what he was feeling through his body, she might never have been able to imagine just how kind of pain was Mu Chengying in right now!

Until the very end, when the pain had reached the maximum limit, Mu Chengying finally made a few suppressed groans.

Following the flow of time, Huang Yueli’s consciousness also started to slacken…

The images in front of her eyes started to turn black.

“No… No… Don’t! Don’t!”

Huang Yueli laid on the chaise lounge as she kept shaking her head in pain while moaning. The ferret fur cape cushion was thoroughly soaked by her sweat.

Liu Buyan sat near her as he kept observing her condition closely.

Seeing that, he sat a little nearer and held Huang Yueli’s wrist to check her pulse.

Huang Yueli’s pulse was rather normal and that meant that her condition was very good. She appeared to be in so much pain because her consciousness had already entered her memories.

In other words, the pain that she was experiencing now wasn’t unreal. It was something that she had once experienced.

Liu Buyan understood this point so when he saw her wiggling around in pain, he felt an extreme heartache. But there was nothing that he could do for her!

During the period when the Soul Scattering Pill took effect, he was unable to lessen Huang Yueli’s suffering and could only let her return to the point of her memories.

Liu Buyan was rather puzzled. When the art of Split Soul was being executed, Mu Chengying’s suffering was indeed horrifying but Huang Yueli was the party being saved. So when the primordial spirit was being fused, it shouldn’t be that painful. But why was her reaction that drastic?

Just as Liu Buyan was pondering over this….

“Bam bam bam! Bam bam bam—!”

A burst of haphazard knocking was heard from his door.

The person knocked extremely hard from the outside and an exasperated voice was heard immediately.

“Liu Buyan, open the door! Is Li’er at your side? What did you do to her?”

Liu Buyan frowned and lifted his head. He then realized that it was already dawn.

He and Huang Yueli had spent an entire night together in the same room…

He knew things weren’t wise and suddenly, Li Moying who was outside had already lost his patience. Using his palm, blasted the door open with a loud bang!

“Where’s Li’er? I heard her voice! What are you doing?? Why did Li’er come over to your place to spend the night?”

Li Moying shot in like an arrow in front of Liu Buyan and grabbed his shirt. He looked as though he wanted to murder someone.

Liu Buyan hastily explained, “You… things are not like what you have imagined. Calm down a little and listen to me!”

Liu Buyan wanted to cry. It was exactly because he didn’t want anyone to misunderstand, hence he gave Huang Yueli that Soul Scattering Pill.