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Chapter 2568: True Sacred Phoenix Race (4)

Huang Yueli turned her head and took a look at him, as she innocently blinked, “What’s the matter?”

Li Moying pulled the Snow Fox fur cape from the side and draped it over Huang Yueli’s shoulders. Then his slender long fingers gently tied a ribbon on the ends.

He looked at her from left and right then nodded his head satisfactorily, “Alright, this will warm you up. Let’s head out secretly, and don’t disturb Father-in-law.”

Huang Yueli smiled sweetly at him, “Thank you, My Husband.”

Li Moying saw her sweet smile, and heard her soft, sticky voice addressing her as “My Husband” and his bones went soft.

He raised Huang Yueli’s hand and the both of them walked into the teleportation array to arrive on the Northern Ice Fields.

The freezing zone’s view was wonderful, and the skies were twinkling with sparkling stars, resembling pearls on black velvet with a luxurious ring of light.

Huang Yueli laid in Li Moying’s arm, as they watched the skies quietly, not saying a single word.

Li Moying’s strong arm wrapped around her waist as he accompanied her quietly, without any intention of interrupting her thoughts.

After a moment, Huang Yueli suddenly opened her mouth to ask, “Moying, are you hiding something from me?”

Li Moying hadn’t imagined that she would ask this kind of question, and his heart thumped wildly.

Could it be that Liu Buyan had revealed his secret?

Although he was filled with suspicions, he still tried his best to remain composed and said, “Why do you ask this? What matters could I be hiding from you?”

Huang Yueli turned her head around and she looked fixedly at him with her shining eyes and said, “Alright, since you say there’s nothing, then there’s nothing! Do you think that I will be able to rescue my mother out successfully?”

This question was much easier to answer so Li Moying immediately said, “That’s of course, so don’t let your thoughts run wild. Mother-in-law will definitely be alright!”

“Mmn!” Huang Yueli nodded her head and turned around to hug his waist, “With you by my side, I don’t have to worry about anything.”

Li Moying smiled as he hugged her tightly.

Huang Yueli didn’t know when she fell asleep, neither did she knew when did she return to the cave dwelling.

When she woke up in the morning, she was already lying on the ice bed in the cave.

Li Moying had just got up and was sitting by the side of the bed putting on his clothes when he heard her waking up. He turned around and walked over.

“Li’er, why are you up so early? Yesterday you slept quite late, do you want to sleep a little longer?”

She shook her head, “No need, I want to check on Father. I wonder how he is now.”

Li Moying replied, “Today Po Yu had already come to report that your Father has already awoken, but he is still very frail…..”

“Really? I want to go see Father!”

Huang Yueli jumped up and swiftly put on her clothes. Then she washed up simply and ran quickly over to Bai Liufeng’s courtyard.

“Father, how are you?”

Hearing Huang Yueli’s cries, everyone in the room turned around.

Huang Yueli pulled Li Moying’s hand and walked in, only to realize that Liu Buyan was already there. He was sitting in front of the bed as he was checking on Bai Liufeng’s pulse.

“Senior Brother, you’re here so early? How is Father’s condition?” Huang Yueli asked concernedly.

Bai Liufeng gave a slight cough and spoke before Liu Buyan did, “Lass Li, Father is fine. My energy has just depleted totally, so I’m feeling lethargic. You don’t need to worry so much…”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli nodded, “Since Father is fine, then I can rest my heart. Then… should Father tell us why you left without bidding us farewell?”