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Chapter 2569: True Sacred Phoenix Race (5)

“This…” Bai Liufeng sighed softly when he saw her determined look.

“Forget it. I originally didn’t want to involve you in this matter and that’s why I left secretly. Whoever knows that you, young lass, is the same as your mother. Once you have decided on something, you must find out the things clearly… ai, then Father shall tell you all about it!”

Huang Yueli’s eyes lit up as she nodded her head satisfactorily, “That’s the way, Father. Quickly tell us now!”

Bai Liufeng took a glance at her, “But, can you promise Father that after you found out about the truth, go straight back to Sky Emperor City with that brat surnamed Li…”

“Absolutely impossible!” Huang Yueli cut him off.

Bai Liufeng was speechless, “Then… I won’t say anything!”

Huang Yueli gave an indifferent reply, “Alright, since Father doesn’t wish to say, then I won’t force you to. But my mother is trapped in Snow Phoenix Palace, so as her daughter, I cannot just sit by and do nothing. Anyway, I’ve already got the whole mechanism and array distribution map in my mind. So by then, I’ll just head over and save my mother on my own!”

“What? No way!” Bai Liufeng was overwhelmed with horror, “Going to Snow Phoenix Palace on your own, that’s simply… simply looking for death!”

Huang Yueli grunted coldly, “That might not be necessarily so. I’m an Armament Master and I have so many Sky Chart top exponents beside me so my total ability isn’t any weaker than yours. Since you can go into Snow Phoenix Palace to save my mother, then, of course, I can as well!”

Bai Liufeng was flustered and exasperated as he said, “What nonsense are you saying? Of course, I’m not like you. You don’t understand what kind of horrifying clan is the Sacred Phoenix Palace! Anyway, you’re not allowed to go!”

Bai Liufeng wanted badly to reflect his might as a father, but Huang Yueli wasn’t threatened by what he said as she replied chillingly, “Of course I don’t know how horrifying Sacred Phoenix Race is. Anyway, my Father hasn’t told me anything about them so that represented that they are just that!”

Saying that she stood up, “Alright, Moying, Senior Brother. Let’s hurry up and make preparations. Today we shall head over to Snow Phoenix Palace to save my mother! As for me father, since he’s unable to battle recently, just leave him in the cave dwelling to rest!”

Seeing Huang Yueli walking towards the door in a few steps, Bai Liufeng became anxious.

“Wait, Lass Li, stop right there!”

Huang Yueli didn’t stop walking at all.

Bai Liufeng could only shout out loudly, “Stop there, you’re not allowed to risk your life! Father will tell you, alright?”

Huang Yueli then stopped but she still leaned by the door, not walking in. She stared at Bai Liufeng with a look as though she might leave any moment.

Bai Liufeng knew that his daughter was obstinate and she would definitely do what she said.

Comparing the pros and cons, he could only compromise.

“Alright, alright, all of you sit down. I’ll tell you all about the Sacred Phoenix Race, alright?”

Huang Yueli finally smiled and sat beside the table with an obedient look on her face, “Father, quickly tell us!”

Bai Liufeng saw the sudden change in expression and he felt helpless as he shook his head, “You… you’re always up to something bizarre, the same as your mother, sigh…”

He paused for a moment, as though he was pondering over something. The rest of them didn’t interrupt him.

It took quite a while later when Bai Liufeng opened his mouth, “Actually, the last time I told you about how I met your mother and gave birth to you, to how your mother was brought away by Lord Zhan and how I pursued them to Northern Ice Fields. All these matters are all true. But…”