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Chapter 2518: Wedding night, no bloodshed (7)

Thinking over this carefully, the person whom they were afraid of was yesteryear Mu Chengying with that flourishing amount of ability, and not the current Li Moying!

Before they came to Levitation Sword Palace, they totally didn’t attach any importance to Li Moying, feeling that he could be defeated easily.

If it wasn’t for the fact that they suddenly found out that Li Moying was Mu Chengying’s reincarnation, causing them to suffer a huge blow, the practitioners from the Six Sacred Lands would never act so cowardly.

Now after Chi Xiao Jiu’s instigation, they suddenly seemed to have figured this out.

“That’s right, we have nothing to fear! This brat’s cultivation is only at the ninth stage realm seventh level!”

“Everyone, let’s charge and take him down! I have wanted to experience how it feels to defeat the Number One Top Expert!”

“Everyone, let’s take the opportunity and work this out altogether to capture Mu Chengying and hand him over to Lord Zhan! Otherwise if we give him a few more years to recover his former year’s ability, then all of us will be dead by then!”

Thinking of this, the group didn’t have any more hesitations as they all charged towards Li Moying!

Li Moying gaze was deep, his expression congealed coldly because he hadn’t expected these people’s heads to actually be so clear, realising this so quickly.

To tell the truth, his ability was indeed much weaker than past life by quite a lot and earlier he almost killed Chi Xiao Jiu with one strike because of the many years of power that had been accumulated within God Sword Military Manifestation!

Now that so many people were charging towards him…..

Li Moying didn’t reveal any terrified expression as his left hand flipped and the Amethyst Light Sword was retrieved from his realm ring.

Two god grade swords shone brightly in the dark night as the electric currents instantly intensified, shining so brightly that it could practically blind one’s eyes!

A ray of light suddenly rose from the ground and blocked off Li Moying’s front.

Six Sacred Lands’ practitioners sensed a huge threat as their hearts jolted, “Not good!”

But they were already in the middle of their moves so it was too late for them to retract it back!

The group’s Profound Skills all struck that screen and in the very next moment, it had all rebounded!


“Damn it!”

Amid the chaotic and disoriented shouts, Six Sacred Lands’ practitioners all felt themselves being struck by their own Profound Skills as they flew back in a dishevelled state!

“How is this possible?? Hasn’t Li Moying’s ability decreased greatly? How is it possible for him to block all of our attacks??”

“Cough cough, so… so scary! Luckily I haven’t used my fatal killer move otherwise the person who is dead now will be me!”

Seeing the group starting to fall back into cowardice, Chi Xiao Jiu laughed coldly, “What the gibberish about, quickly continue to attack! Such a powerful defence Profound Skill, it definitely wastes a lot of Profound Energy, Li Moying is only in ninth stage realm seventh level! It wouldn’t take a few more rounds more and he would fall from the depletion of his Profound Energy!”

When the group heard that, they all instantly felt that it made sense and once again unleashed their Profound Skills, as they attacked the light screen once again!

On the other hand, Chi Xiao Jiu secretly released a signal bomb using the cover of the light screen as he casted it out into the sky.

According to the secret letter that he sent using the Black Cloud Dove, he had already made an agreement with Elder Chen and the others, that when they saw this signal bomb, Elder Chen and the others would immediately appear to work together with him on the inside, surrounding him to attack together!

Whereas at this very moment, it was the best opportunity!

Li Moying wasn’t Mu Chengying and he didn’t believe that under twenty over Sky Chart top exponents’ combined attacks, Li Moying would really be able to pass this ordeal!

Li Moying saw the group attacking once again and the cold glint beneath his eyes shone.

He was just prepared to make a move when he was suddenly dragged from his back!

The other party had really struck too quickly and too swiftly!