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Chapter 2519: Wedding night, no bloodshed (8)

Even if it was such an alert person like Li Moying, he was caught off guard as he lost his balance and shuffled back by ten over steps!

“Stinky brat, move one side!”

A white coloured figure passed by Li Moying’s side and charged right into the middle of the group.

Li Moying was dragged behind and the Profound Energy that propped up the light screen instantly broke down.

Six Sacred Lands’ practitioners were all joyful when they saw this, and was just prepared to unleash their full attacks.

Whoever knew that a white robed man suddenly appeared behind the light screen.

Moreover, this white robed man’s speed was extremely swift, so swift that it had gone beyond everyone’s imagination. His figure had merely flashed in front of everyone and he disappeared without a trace.

Chi Xiao Jiu and the group’s eyes all opened wide with shock and they hadn’t even been able to react in time when they sensed a powerful and irresistible Profound Energy attacking ferociously towards them!

“Ugh—!! Pfft—!!”

Chi Xiao Jiu felt a gush of sweetness in his throat and his entire body’s bones seemed to have been crushed bit by bit as the intense pain made him cry out miserably!

His body went limp entirely as he fell on the ground, totally unable to use any bit of energy at all. Although he was in so much pain that he wanted to roll around on the floor, but he totally could not move at all!

Moreover his consciousness was very clear as he could distinctly hear his own comrades falling onto the ground one after another.

Chi Xiao Jiu’s terror in his heart instantly rose!

They had not expected that under so many Sky Chart top experts’ siege, there was someone who was able to cause them to be seriously injured in just one face to face meeting! To the extent that the other party totally was able to kill all of them but not knowing why, he actually left them alive.

This… what kind of terrifying ability was this!

Only Mu Chengying from twenty over years ago, as well as Lord Zhan, was able to do this!

Earlier, that white robed figure… who exactly was that??

Even when Chi Xiao Jiu was tormented by his pain, his ears could still hear the surrounding music clearly.

“Father-in-law, why have you…..” Li Moying spoke out a little hesitantly.

Bai Liufeng’s arms were crossed as he stared coldly at Li Moying while speaking out in a bad mood, “Stinky brat, you’re really enough. Just this small matter and you actually squandered so much time and yet it’s still not settled? Just these few dregs and you also can’t handle them properly, it has already delayed the time for the ceremony! If I knew that you were so useless, I wouldn’t have agreed to marry Lass Li to you!”

Li Moying really wanted to cry because he also wanted to settle this quickly. If it was in the past, he would have killed all of them earlier!

Alas he had yet to recover his former ability hence this was something that he couldn’t do much about.

But he had a way to keep Chi Xiao Jiu and the others behind, but it just required slightly more effort.

Whoever knew that his Father-in-law had already become impatient…..

Li Moying felt that he was rather aggrieved but since he was scolded by his Father-in-law, he could not just scold him back and moreover, he had to obediently admit his mistake.

“Father-in-law, what you say is right! Luckily with your help, I believe these fellows could no longer create chaos. Will you please wait for a moment and I’ll get someone to tidy them up then go back to the wedding hall.”

Bai Liufeng had a cold humph as he swept a glance at those half dead Sky Chart top experts and said, “Today is you and Lass Li’s wedding night, it would be too much of a bad luck if someone is dead!”

Li Moying hurriedly said, “Father-in-law please don’t worry, I know the priorities.”

Bai Liufeng then nodded his head satisfactorily, as he turned back and returned to Levitation Sword Palace.