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Chapter 2517: Wedding night, no bloodshed (6)

The other top experts from the Six Sacred Lands were all hesitant.

Facing Li Moying’s approaching steps, they subconsciously shuffled backwards but didn’t dare to have the courage to fight against him.

To those practitioners who had experienced Mu Chengying’s times, Mu Chengying’s name was equivalent to a nightmare!

Seeing that pair of penetrative black pupils which were cold like ice, the group was just short of kneeling on the ground while begging for mercy.

However, Chi Xiao Jiu wasn’t willing to die just like this. When he saw the others not moving, his brows knitted tightly as he continued to shout loudly, “You all… all of you imbeciles! Do you really not want to live any longer?? Did you think that he’s still the past Mu Chengying? Wake up all of you! He’s now Li Moying! He hasn’t even reached the ninth stage realm peak, and he doesn’t even have ten percent of what he had in his past life. What on earth are you afraid of??”

This sentence of his seemed to be an enlightenment with perfect wisdom as those practitioners all awoke from their fear instantly.

What Chi Xiao Jiu said was right!

Even if Li Moying was Mu Chengying’s reincarnation, but… he wasn’t Mu Chengying after all!

After his rebirth, Li Moying’s ability indeed rose in a shocking speed, but he wasn’t still able to derive at Mu Chengying’s peak ability!

The group exchanged glances at one another and a few hints of hope suddenly arose in their hearts.

If it was possible, no one wanted to die!

They didn’t want to die in Li Moying’s hands, nor did they want to fail in their mission, and die in Lord Zhan’s hands!

Chi Xiao Jiu saw them wavering and hastily cried out again, “Li Moying’s ability isn’t that powerful at all, he merely borrowed the might from the Thousand Sword Array hence he was able to defeat all of us at one go earlier! Now he’s alone by himself and he has already left the Levitation Sword Palace so there’s no way that he can activate the Thousand Sword Array!! Everyone, don’t be flustered, let’s charge together!! As long as we can take him down, our motive today will be considered as completed!”

Originally the top experts from the Six Sacred Lands were all flustered that they all chose to escape a distance away from the approaching Li Moying.

But hearing Chi Xiao Jiu’s instigation, quite a number of them stopped in their tracks.

Moreover at this moment, Li Moying was already right in front of them and his right hand held onto War Manifestation’s sword handle, just about to strike.

Chi Xiao Jiu shouted out sharply, “Everyone quickly come nearer and strike together!!”

The group didn’t think too much as they all gathered over.

Li Moying’s eyes flashed past a cold intent as his sword tip swept across and a surging gust of Profound Energy charged right towards the group!

Six Sacred Lands’ practitioners originally lacked tacit understanding and under his powerful clash of Profound Energy, they hadn’t even had time to form the circle before they were directly dealt with a severe blow causing them to fall everywhere.

Chi Xiao Jiu clenched his teeth tightly as his body shuffled backwards unobtrusively, hiding behind the others while shouting out loudly, “Don’t be afraid, everyone don’t be afraid! Li Moying had just made his move but he isn’t even able to kill anyone at all! This goes to show that his ability is no longer the same as before! This is our chance of a lifetime!”

The group originally thought that it was a little strange and on hearing Chi Xiao Jiu’s words, their spirits were lifted!

That was right, if it was Mu Chengying twenty over years ago, under one strike from God Sword War Manifestation, there would already be ten over corpses lying on the ground.

But now, everyone was still alive and kicking!

Based on Mu Chengying’s insufferably arrogant character, it was practically impossible for him to be merciful so it could only be explained that he was no longer as powerful as the past, hence he wasn’t able to kill anyone at all!

Thinking of this, the crowd all exchanged glances and the terror in their hearts which made them not dare to defy him earlier, instantly vanished.