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Chapter 2483: Sensationalize Sky Emperor City (4)

Cang Po Jun knelt on the ground with a guilty face, as he furiously kowtowed.

Li Moying frowned slightly as he flicked his sleeve and a gentle but extremely robust Profound Energy following his action was dispelled and it propped Cang Po Jun’s body up just nicely, stopping him from the action of kowtowing.

“Enough, things have already passed and This Sovereign has already understood! Although you were indeed not prudent enough, but you went up against eight Sky Chart top exponents alone, it can’t be said to be your mistake to have lost your footing and getting captured. These few days you’ve also suffered enough so there’s no need to blame yourself too much.”

When Cang Po Jun heard that, he was so touched that his tears almost fell, “Many thanks Sovereign, but this Subordinate had committed such a serious mistake after all. If it wasn’t for the fact that you made a timely return, the entire Blue Profound Sect might have its thousands of years’ base ruined….. This Subordinate just cannot forgive myself!”

Li Moying’s brows rose, “Enough, stop thinking too highly of yourself! Just based on you, is it even possible to ruin Blue Profound Sect’s thousands of years of base? Wei Zongguang and the rest are merely just a few clowns and even if an accident really happened today, I will take care of them when I come back! Enough, get up quickly, I have something to ask you!”

Li Moying was especially impatient to handle these matters, and other than having total patience in front of Huang Yueli, towards other people, it was totally not possible for him to speak softly to comfort them.

So, towards what Cang Po Jun said, he was considerably blunt.

However, in Cang Po Jun’s ears, it made him feel much more comfortable.

Li Moying increased a little bit of Profound Energy, forcing him to stand up.

Cang Po Jun didn’t dared to disobey his command and could only respectfully stand by the side, as he cupped his hands in greeting, “Sovereign, what do you wish to ask? This Subordinate will definitely not hide anything that I know, and not stop before I have told you everything!”

Li Moying muttered quietly, “You’ve always had a steady personality and this time you actually miscalculated and got captured so This Sovereign is extremely surprised. On your way of return, what exactly happened to you?”

Cang Po Jun didn’t dare to hide as he hurriedly spoke off everything that he knew.

“This matter has to be blamed on my negligence to take extra precaution. This Subordinate followed orders to rush back to Blue Profound Sect, and because we took the Snow Cloud Sky Ship when we went over, in order to make it more convenient to rush on the way back, This Subordinate borrowed a flying magical beast as a mount at various branches. Whoever knew that in this way, the news of This Subordinate’s return to Blue Profound Sect was passed to Wei Zongguang. He intentionally intercepted this news, not informing Po Yu about it, then later gathering the Six Sacred Lands’ other Sky Chart top exponents to lay an ambush outside the Sect.”

“This Subordinate was in a hurry to rush back and when I met Wei Zongguang outside the Sect, on seeing that he was a familiar face, This Subordinate didn’t take much precaution and followed him on the way back. Whoever knew that he led This Subordinate into an ambush…”

Li Moying nodded, “So that’s why! When did all of this happen?”

Cang Po Jun said, “It is already something that had happened more than a month ago. They wanted to use This Subordinate to threaten Po Yu, so they had always trapped This Subordinate in Blue Cloud Hall’s basement. Right, back then they felt that it was impossible for This Subordinate to escape so when they were conspiring in secret, they didn’t quite guard against This Subordinate. I heard that they seemed to have mentioned…. Lord Zhan! This matter seems to be related to Lord Zhan!”

Li Moying’s brows creased, as he wasn’t very surprised.

“It’s indeed like this! I had suspected that he would probably be involved in this! He really knows how to calculate, using a stalk of Bipolar Black Orchid to lure the few of us to Northern Ice Fields, and secretly sending someone to launch a sneak attack on Blue Profound Sect while the inside is empty! It’s really a good plan to kill two birds with one stone!”