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Chapter 2479: Li Moying’s change of fortune (8)

Hearing that, Li Moying’s lips twitched as he couldn’t help but give the young lady next to him a stare.

He had not thought that his Father-in-law had yet to object, but this restless little fox actually jumped out first to drag his feet!

Huang Yueli raised her little chin in a look which expressed that she wasn’t to be outdone, “Why stare at me for? Have I said that I want to marry you?”

Li Moying’s brows rose, and suddenly he clasped Huang Yueli’s hand on the table as he propped himself up halfway, leaning towards her.

The distance between the both of them instantly drew close and Li Moying leaned towards her, only stopping when he was just an inch away from her tender pink lips.

“Li’er, you really don’t wish to marry me?” His lips curled with a smirk of devious smile, as he asked in a mellow voice.

Li Moying’s tone was originally deep and magnetic, and now that he intentionally suppressed his voice, it carried an indescribably temptation.

Huang Yueli’s eyes grew wide as she looked at the handsome countenance in front of her eyes, as well as that pair of peach blossom eyes which were filled with tenderness, which made her heartbeat skip a beat.

“Hmm? Why aren’t you speaking?” Li Moying leaned close once again.

There was just a little bit of distance before the two of them were plastered together.

Huang Yueli’s face instantly flushed red, as she wasn’t able to control her vigorous beating heartbeat, as she was extremely vexed by this.

Foul, foul! This man was always using the handsome male scheme against her recently!

What was most scheming about this was that she actually fell for it every single time!

Wu wu wu, why was it that she is now so outstanding but upon looking at this agelessly handsome face, her mind would become gooey like glue?

Li Moying looked at her erratic expression as he laughed silently in his heart, as he continued to tempt her in a low voice, “Be obedient, say I’m willing to marry you…”

Huang Yueli looked at him in a daze as she subconsciously repeated, “I’m willing to marry…..”

Li Moying’s lips curled satisfactorily, “So obedient…..”

His words quickly stopped Huang Yueli’s sweet and beautiful lips.

Having his little fox making the promise of marrying him made Li Moying overjoyed, as he totally hadn’t considered how treacherous his handsome male scheme was, only taking that very soon this little fox would belong to him alone! Whoever Liu Buyan, whoever Cang Po Yu, whatever dog or cat, they weren’t allowed to even take one look at her!

The more he thought, the happier he was as he kept on kissing the young lady who was caught in his arms.

“Cough cough, cough cough, cough Cough Cough COUGH!!!”

Bai Liufeng had originally been thinking about the fact that Li Moying was Mu Chengying hence he didn’t feel good about controlling him.

Whoever knew that once Li Moying started kissing, it actually went on endlessly!

Bai Liufeng looked at his little white cabbage’s fresh little face and felt extremely melancholic! Hence he suddenly got these all thought through!

Who cared what identity he bore in his past life? Anyway in this lifetime, Lass Li was the pearl in their palms which he and Siluo had hoped for in the longest time ever! Whereas Mu Chengying was just a pig who dug his white cabbage away!

Even if his identity was a little special, but he should not get fresh with Lass Li in front of him!

Bai Liufeng initially coughed lightly a few times but alas, Li Moying’s eyes were filled with the young lady’s seductive countenance, and totally didn’t hear his voice.

Huang Yueli heard him but alas her strength wasn’t enough, hence she was unable to push this man away.

Bai Liufeng could only cough a few more times and as he felt that his throat was becoming hoarse, it was then when he saw Li Moying suddenly seeming as though he had awoken from his dream while he released Huang Yueli.

He put on a black face and decided to recollect his face as a father-in-law.

“Young Sect Master Li, you and my Lass Li aren’t married yet! Don’t you think that doing this is a little overboard?”