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Chapter 2462: Blue Profound Sect’s change (7)

Wei Zongguang looked at Cang Po Yu’s unconcealable astonished expression as his face was filled with a delighted smile.

“Guardian Yu, I’m very clear on the scheme that you guys are planning! Li Moying is young and immature and you few Guardians are able to nurture him into your puppet to use the authority for your own use! This is really a good scheme to plan!”

Saying that, he pointed at those Sky Chart top exponents who were eyeing them just behind him.

“Your despicable action is something that I simply can’t stand and today I’ve invited Elder Chen and the others here to help uphold justice! Either you get Sovereign Mu over clearly and let everyone be a witness, otherwise….. I will represent the entire Blue Profound Sect to get rid of you and Cang Po Jun, these two vermin!”

When Cang Po Yu heard him mentioning Cang Po Jun’s name, he suddenly felt terrified, “Big Brother?? What have you done to my Big Brother? Hadn’t he gone to the Northern Ice Fields?”

Hearing that, the few Elders all started to laugh as they said, this is just too coincidental. The few of us were having a major discussion and it just happened that Guardian Jun bumped into us. He heard that we wanted to expose his scheme and his embarrassment turned into anger as he wanted to strike out at us! But no matter how overbearing his ability is, he still isn’t Sovereign Mu, that kind of peerless top exponent, so how is he able to deal with all eight of us?”

“You all… you all actually…” Cang Po Yu’s face instantly turned gloomy.

Wei Zongguang hurriedly said, “Guardian Yu don’t worry, we didn’t wanted Guardian Jun’s life and as long as you’re willing to coordinate with us to hand over Sovereign’s seal, then pledge your allegiance towards us, I will naturally let you two brothers reunite. How about this? This business isn’t a loss right? We know that since you’ve been brought up by Guardian Jun since young and you’re indebted towards him so now all you need to do is to just move your fingers and you will be able to save his life. If you’re not willing to do so, then aren’t you being too ungrateful?”

When Cang Po Yu heard that Cang Po Jun was still alive, he silently heaved a sigh of relief.

He stared coldly at Wei Zongguang, as he gritted his teeth and said, “So you want to be Blue Profound Sect’s Sovereign! Just you… are you even fit? Don’t waste your time, it’s not possible for me to hand over Sovereign’s seal to you!”

Hearing that, Wei Zongguang’s smile slowly disappeared.

“I’ve already given you a chance and since Guardian Yu doesn’t know what’s good for you, then don’t blame us for being discourteous!”

His words had just landed and the few Elders all took a step forward, as they surrounded Cang Po Yu.

From what they thought, no matter how powerful Cang Po Yu was, he was just a little better than them. This bit of disparity, under the special circumstance where the number of people had outweighed him, no longer posed any threat at all.

As long as they slightly spent some effort, they would be able to injure Cang Po Yu seriously.

Cang Po Yu took a step backwards as he swiftly congealed the Profound Energy in his body and his imposing aura gradually rose up!

Wei Zongguang’s pupils contracted as he cried out sharply, “We can’t allow him to succeed accumulating his power, everyone let’s strike together and first take down Cang Po Yu!”

Elder Chen and the others responded and took action in unison!

But just at this moment, Cang Po Yu had already completed the process of accumulating his power and his right hand rose up but he didn’t attack Elder Chen or the others, but instead patted his own chest.

Following his action, a stream of blood was spurted out from his mouth as it sprayed it out towards the skies of Levitation Sword Palace!

A loud “buzz” reverberated!

Ten thousand swords in the skies howled!

A portion of Levitation Sword Palace’s sword array was forcefully activated under the drive of his inherent fated blood essence!