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Chapter 2461: Blue Profound Sect’s change (6)

But now, because of Wei Zongguang’s betrayal, Elder Chen and the others had directly jumped over the seven bolts of the mountain protection array and invaded right in, into the more important core area of the entire Sect — Levitation Sword Palace!

Whereas within Levitation Sword Palace, although it had the strongest sword array, but that required the Sovereign to activate it personally.

Even if Cang Po Yu was the Number One Array Master in the Continent, it was not possible for him to casually use these ancient arrays!

If Elder Chen and the others’ motives were really to occupy Blue Profound Sect, the possibility of him stopping them from doing so… was practically equivalent to zero!

Cang Po Yu’s mind started racing swiftly but his feet didn’t back down at all.

He spoke out coldly, “Hall Master Wei, aren’t you asking the obvious? Three months ago, Young Sect Master and Young Miss Bai left the Sect together in the Snow Cloud Sky Ship and you were also present while respectfully sending them off so you should know that they haven’t returned at all! Where do you want me to find them?”

Wei Zongguang still had a proud smug on him as he spoke out immodestly, “That’s right, I didn’t see Young Sect Master Li entering from the main entrance but he had offended everyone from the Six Sacred Lands at one shot and if I were him, I wouldn’t dare to use the main entrance when I return as well right? Moreover speaking, even if Young Sect Master really isn’t around, if such a huge thing happened, Guardian Yu will surely have to inform Sovereign Mu right? Let Sovereign come out personally to settle this, which is the most appropriate action to do.”

When Elder Chen and the others heard this, they instantly echoed in agreement.

“Isn’t that right? Invite Sovereign Mu to personally come out!”

“Li Moying is his only direct disciple and if we can’t find Li Moying, finding Sovereign Mu is the same!”

“If Sovereign Mu is able to give us an explanation, that’s not impossible as well. Invite him out to meet all of us!”

“This matter isn’t something that a Guardian like you can make decision on, we want to meet Sovereign Mu!”

The crowd all started speaking out and casted the target towards Mu Chengying!

Cang Po Yu’s gaze was icy cold as he had already understood what was going on. The matter was directed towards what he had guessed in the worst possible scenario — they were really directed at the entire Blue Profound Sect!

Moreover, they probably already knew the truth that Mu Chengying had not come out from his “closed door”!

Cang Po Yu laughed coldly, “Sovereign is currently cultivating so what identities do you bear, to even have the qualification to invite him out to meet you? I’d advise you not to continue hooting, Levitation Sword Palace isn’t a place where you can behave atrociously and if you don’t scram from this place, the minute you alarm Sovereign, beware that your lives cannot be saved!”

He was still carrying his last hope, to use Mu Chengying’s name to scare them off so that they would not dare to continue being rash.

But alas, Wei Zongguang quickly dashed his hopeful thinking.

“Guardian Yu, everyone here are intelligent people so don’t use these words to fool us! I’ve long wanted to say that you and Guardian Jun had always been saying that Sovereign is already out of close door and moreover his ability had increased greatly! But other than you guys, who else has seen Sovereign Mu himself? Instead it is this Li Moying the so-called Sovereign’s direct disciple who had been self-assuming the identity of Young Sect Master, who even dares to order us old timers around!”

“To tell you the truth, I’ve already sent someone to keep watch on Levitation Sword Palace for many days now and this place totally doesn’t have Sovereign’s aura, and there isn’t anyone who can verify that Sovereign is really still alive! This makes me suspect that the so-called Sovereign coming out from ‘closed door’, is only a scam which you few Guardians had come out with together, with the aim to let Li Moying that fellow to get into the position of Young Sect Master!”