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Chapter 2460: Blue Profound Sect’s change (5)

Moreover, Cang Po Yu had been suspecting that there was some traitor whom Lord Zhan had stuffed in at one of the outer doors so these people’s loyalty were worth suspecting.

Under this circumstance, Cang Po Yu was equivalent to the only top exponent stationed at Levitation Sword Palace.

Facing seven to eight Sky Chart’s top exponents coercion, based on his ability, there was no way for him to fight against the others.

Right now, Li Moying had left the task to him before he left, and that was to take good care of Blue Profound Sect and this was his most important mission so for safety sake, he had better drive these people away first before he could investigate further.

However, even after Cang Po Yu’s command, no one responded to it.

His brows twitched slightly as he said, “Men! Are those at the entrance all dead??”

The entrance remained dead silent.

Cang Po Yu’s heart thumped hard and he just realised that facing these people, it was probably not just as simple as finding trouble with Li Moying!

They had probably found out long ago that Blue Profound Sect’s top exponents were all out and this time round, they had apparently come with a vicious intention!

Cang Po Yu’s heart was filled with alarm but he tried his best to maintain his composure, “What do the few of you mean by this? You actually dare to take action against our Blue Profound Sect’s disciples??”

Elder Chen smiled and said, “Guardian Yu, I’m afraid that you’re mistaken! We as outsiders, how can we possibly touch your distinguished Sect’s disciples? It’s those few disciples at the entrance who don’t know the rules and have offended your distinguished Sect’s Hall Master Wei hence Hall Master Wei taught them the rules out of kind intentions!”

“Hall Master Wei.. Wei Zongguang?”

Cang Po Yu’s brows rose, as his heart was extremely astonished!

Wei Zongguang had already assumed the position of Blue Cloud Hall’s Hall Master since twenty years ago and moreover his cultivation had reached ninth stage realm peak and in the entire Blue Profound Sect, he was considered as an experienced and capable person in the top management.

Not only Wei Zongguang himself, even his disciples and grand-disciples, many of them had already assumed duties such as managers in Blue Profound Sect.

This kind of person, actually betrayed the Blue Profound Sect?

Just at this moment, a middle aged man walked in from the door. His slightly plumb figure with even more fats on his face, with even a triple chin, had a friendly face when he smiled.

On seeing Cang Po Yu, he cupped his fist in his other hand in greeting as he spoke out not too respectfully, “Greetings to Guardian Yu.”

Cang Po Yu stared angrily at him and said, “Wei Zongguang… you have indeed betrayed Sovereign! How dare you!”

Wei Zongguang gave a careless smile and said, “Guardian Yu, your words are really too serious! Of course I am naturally loyal towards Sovereign My! But Sovereign is currently in cultivation and as the Sect’s managers, surely we can’t ignore Blue Profound Sect’s reputation right? The Elders from the Six Sacred Lands have already found their way to our door personally with hard evidence and moreover they didn’t say anything much. They just wanted to meet with Young Sect Master to have a confrontation with him! Guardian Yu can’t even agree to this, isn’t this a little too much?”

Cang Po Yu looked at this greasy smile and felt his stomach turning as he felt like retching.

He wasn’t considered to be on close terms as Wei Zongguang but this person had a honest and loyal look and he appeared to be loyal usually so Cang Po Yu had never suspected that he had ill intentions.

Whoever knew that today he actually took the opportunity while Blue Cloud Hall was responsible for keeping guard, to let all the Six Sacred Lands people in!

Blue Profound Sect’s mountain protection array had a total of seven bolts and each one of them was formidable!

Even if it were Sky Chart’s top exponents who wanted to barge in forcibly, it was practically an impossible thing.