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Chapter 2456: Blue Profound Sect’s Change (1)

Hearing this, Li Moying was apparently a little surprised.

He let go of the young lady in his arms as he frowned, “You’ve noticed it as well?”

Huang Yueli gave him a stare and spoke out angrily, “Such a serious matter like this, how would I not notice it? Do you really think I’m blind! I’ve already seen you sneaking to look for Guardian Hun and my Senior Brother to discuss about this, but you kept it from me only!”

Li Moying had not expected himself to be exposed and instantly felt slightly embarrassed, “Ughh, in this way, you’ve already found out about it?”

Huang Yueli glanced sideways at him, “Is Guardian Jun in trouble? Still not going to report honestly?”

Li Moying lowered his head and looking at his little fox’s fierce expression, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to hide from her hence he could only speak out honestly, “Actually I don’t have any intention to hide it from you, but seeing that you’re worried about Father-in-law these few days hence I didn’t wanted to let these matters trouble you… previously when I asked Po Jun to return to Sky Emperor City, I instructed him to use the secret arts of information transmission to inform me about Blue Profound Sect’s situation but two months had passed and we didn’t received any information from him.”

“Previously when we were in the cave dwelling, I was guessing if Father-in-law had used an array to isolate the outside world’s information hence we weren’t able to receive any information. But now, we have already left the freezing zone for so many days and there’s still no news from Po Jun.”

When Huang Yueli heard that, her brows creased slightly, “Guardian Jun had always been reliable in handling matters and his character is steady. Since you were the one who instructed him, logically it is impossible for him to not do it seriously… could it be that Blue Profound Sect is in trouble? Or has he met with some trouble on the way back?”

Li Moying shook his head, “I have discussed with Po Hun and your Senior Brother and we have already researched on all the possible scenarios and specially let someone off the ship to go over to Blue Profound Sect’s branches to find out about Po Jun’s whereabouts. Those who were asked all said that Po Jun had already passed by this place two months ago and headed back to Sky Emperor City directly….”

When Huang Yueli heard this, her heart suddenly arose with a bad premonition.

“Surely not right? Could it be that the Sect really…..”

Her brows creased tightly as she showed a worried expression.

Li Moying stretched out his hand and caressed her furrowed brows, “No matter, don’t be overly worried. Before I left, I had already arranged everything in the Sect. If someone really tried to do anything while I’m not in Levitation Sword Palace this time… I will absolutely not let them off!”

Huang Yueli nodded her head and met with the man’s pitch black pupils, all the worries in her heart were all cleared.

That’s right, no matter what happened, anyway there’s nothing that could baffle the powerful man in front of her!

In the past she would worry about Li Moying’s Soul Detachment Illness and that he couldn’t cross hands with anyone but now…

Anyone who dared to provoke Li Moying, would definitely regret that they were born on this Continent!

Originally Li Moying was preparing to bring Huang Yueli on a sightseeing tour to slowly return back but as Cang Po Jun’s whereabouts was unknown, he wasn’t able to feel at ease hence he made the disciples who were responsible for driving the Snow Cloud Sky Ship to fasten the speed and return directly to Sky Emperor City.

After another ten days or so, Snow Cloud Sky Ship had finally arrived at the mountain’s entrance in front of Blue Profound Sect.

The few of them got off the ship and immediately sensed that the situation wasn’t quite right.

The Sovereign’s symbolic Snow Cloud Sky Ship was always eye-grabbing even if it was in the tall skies and generally when it was ten over miles away, the disciples on duty in front of the mountain’s entrance would have already discovered them.

Following that, the acting Sovereign Cang Po Yu would personally lead their men out to welcome them.