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Chapter 2457: Blue Profound Sect’s change (2)

But today, everyone had already alighted the flying ship but Cang Po Yu’s shadow couldn’t even be seen.

Even to the extent the number of disciples on duty usually in front of the mountain entrance, were only left with two younger disciples whose cultivations weren’t even higher than fourth stage realm, as they stood at the lower part of Blue Profound Sect.

In the past at the mountain entrance in Blue Profound Sect, it was always heavily guarded and there were even hundreds of disciples on duty, and they had at least fifth stage realm cultivations and above.

Now there were only two of the outer disciples with weaker abilities guarded here, so this matter was simply too abnormal.

The few of them exchanged glances and now that things had reached to this stage, it was already obvious that some accident had really happened in Blue Profound Sect. Otherwise it was impossible for the door to be wide open, as they were lacking in defence.

Two outer door disciples revealed a terrified expression as they saw the Snow Cloud Sky Ship slowly descending and after a short blank, they immediately turned around and wanted to sneak away secretly.

However, Li Moying and the others had already noticed their existence.

Cang Po Hun’s body swayed and he appeared right in front of the two of them, as he blocked their path.

“The two of you…. which wing hall’s disciples are you from? You’ve already seen Young Sect Master alighting and you actually don’t go forward to pay your respects, but instead turn around and run? How dare the both of you!”

Cang Po Hun gave a cold harrumph and the two outer disciples were so scared that their souls were about to fly away as they shivered in fright.

“Hun… Guardian Hun, spare our lives…”

Cang Po Hun’s finger flicked and two bursts of Profound Energies flew out as it sealed the duo’s meridians, “I’m not qualified to let the both of you off, you yourselves head over to Young Sect Master and plead for forgiveness!”

He led both of them back to Li Moying’s side.

When the both of them saw Li Moying’s lanky figure, they were so scared that their faces turned pale and their feets turned into jelly as they knelt down.

“Young Sect Master, This Disciple… This Disciple is guilty…..”

“Young Sect Master, will you please… spare our lives…..”

Li Moying swept them a glance and didn’t say a word.

Cang Po Hun asked them on his behalf, “You’re already in front of Young Sect Master and still not going to explain honestly? Which hall wing are you from? Why are there only two of you on duty today? Where are the others?”

The two of them had terrified expressions and after a short moment of hesitation, the bolder one spoke out first, “Reporting to Young Sect Master, This Disciple is… Blue Cloud Hall’s outer disciple, today… there are only two of us on duty because.. because…..”

He hemmed and hawed as his gaze roved around.

Cang Po Hun barked out, “Because of what? Still not going to confess! If I find out that anyone of you is telling a lie, the consequence… you should know it clearly in your heart!”

His bark carried ten percent of Profound Energy and it caused the duo’s heart to waver.

The two of them shuddered and when they recalled about the legendary tales of this Guardian Hun’s methods, they didn’t dare to hesitate as they hurriedly explained, “Young Sect Master, it’s… it’s like this. Today is originally our Blue Cloud Hall’s outer disciples on duty but our Hall Master has instructed that today, valuable guests from the Six Sacred Lands will be paying a visit to our Sect and we are shorthanded hence they had called all our Senior Brothers over to Levitation Sword Palace to help out…”

Cang Po Hun couldn’t help but scoffed, “Young Sect Master is still out on experience learning while Sovereign is still in cultivation! Why have the Six Sacred Lands people come to Blue Profound Sect for? Your Hall Master even let them all in??”

The two of them shivered terribly, “This Disciple… This Disciple does not know, we are only acting on his orders…”

Cang Po Hun gave a cold laugh, “Still dare to talk rubbish? If you’re really left with no choice, then why are you running away when you see the Sovereign? You’re obviously feeling guilty!”