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Chapter 2455: Marriage is nearing (8)

These few months spent in the Northern Ice Fields, to everyone present, was a long and arduous test.

Especially those few days in the Snow Phoenix Palace, their lives were practically hanging on a thread and they almost thought that they would lose their lives at that place.

However, luckily the Heavens was watching over them. Not only had they all managed to leave in one piece together, moreover Li Moying’s Soul Detachment Illness was successfully cured.

Huang Yueli sat on the deck as she sat opposite Li Moying who was reading a book, and sighed softly.

Li Moying raised his eyes to take a look at her, “What’s the matter? Why are you putting on such a bitter expression? We’re going to be married very soon and you’re still so unhappy, are you unwilling to marry me?”

Huang Yueli pursed her lips, “How could that be? Of course I’m willing…”

She subconsciously opened her mouth and saying that halfway, she realised that she almost said something and quickly shut her mouth.

Li Moying didn’t manage to hear what he wanted to hear but he didn’t appear to be very disappointed.

He stood up and walked towards Huang Yueli as he lifted up her chin with his hand gently and spoke out seductively in a low voice, “What are you willing? En? Why aren’t you talking? Saying things halfway is a bad habit…..”

Huang Yueli stared hard at him and her eyeballs rolled as she suddenly let out a smile, “I’ll speak! What’s the big deal about it? Lean over closer a little…..”

Li Moying obediently leaned neared, as he put on an expression to show that he was all ears.

Huang Yueli coughed as she said, “My father said that I’m the daughter of the Ancient God Clan Scared Phoenix Race and our Huang family’s daughters will normally recruit son-in-laws. Since you’re crying to say that you must marry me, then you must know our Huang family’s rules: First rule, your wife is always right! Second rule, you must listen to all of your wife’s instructions! Third rule…”

Li Moying felt that the more he heard, the more it wasn’t quite right as his brows rose, “Little fox, you really have a lot of rules!”

Huang Yueli delightfully raised her chin, “That’s of course!”

Li Moying’s lips curled, “Alright, I can listen to you on all matters, whether it’s big or small matters I’ll listen all to you, but in bed, you have to listen to me…”

Huang Yueli was shocked by his shamelessness as she stared at him and said, “What rubbish, I’m not listening to you!”

“Not listening to me? Then I have to teach you our family rules properly!” Li Moying gave a low chuckle as he slowly leaned towards her.

Huang Yuei had a shock and she quickly covered his mouth, “You, you, you…. don’t do anything reckless! This is the deck! There are so many disciples and corvee who are responsible for driving the ship! Don’t fool around, I have some proper matters to tell you!”

Li Moying knew that this wasn’t a good place to be intimate and he acted in that way earlier because he merely wanted to tease her.

Hearing Huang Yueli say that, he absent-mindedly licked her fair slender fingers, “What proper matters?”

Huang Yueli wanted to draw her hand back but he held her on tightly and she wasn’t able to struggle free.

Helpless, she could only give up, “Do you feel that something isn’t very right?”

Li Moying’s brows rose, “You’re referring to your father? He had been shutting himself inside the cabin for the past few days so it’s apparent that he has something on his mind. He suddenly agreed to our marriage, obviously he wants to settle you down first then go over to Snow Phoenix Palace to take the risk alone. The matter regarding saving your mother is definitely not as simple as what he said!”

Huang Yueli shook his head and said, “Father’s matter, I somewhat have an idea. I’m not talking about him, but… Guardian Jun!”