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Chapter 2419: Li Moying’s secret (6)

Huang Yueli took back the teacup not knowing if he should laugh or cry, “I’ll go get you’re a sweet… mmph!”

Before she could finish her words, she was caught right into Li Moying’s arms and his thin lips sealed her mouth, recklessly tasting the sweetness around her lips.

After some time, Li Moying then let go of that young lady whose face was flushed and he licked the corners of his lips, revealing a satisfied expression, “Not bad, really very sweet…”

“You—!” Huang Yueli covered her lips and spat out a word as she felt pain around her lips, it seemed to become swollen?

This man… he really was a beast!

Li Moying acted obedient after gaining the advantage as he gave an evil smile, “I feel that this method isn’t too bad. Whatever medicine you have, I will eat it as long as you give me a ‘sweet’ after I’m done eating and that will do!”

Saying that, his eyes revolved round Huang Yueli’s red lips which he had kissed earlier.

Huang Yueli was totally dumbstruck by this man’s shamelessness as she gave him a fierce stare, “Keep wishing! Finish up your medication and rest earlier, I’m going back to cultivate and will not accompany you any further!”

Seeing his little fox’s fleeing back, Li Moying’s lips slowly surfaced a smile.

To be able to be like this now, really… was very nice! They were humans in both lifetimes and had paid the price using their lives and what they hoped for, was merely the current scenario.

Liu Buyan thought that he had lost half of his primordial spirit, never to break through the ninth stage realm peak, and he would feel disappointed and upset?

Actually to him, nothing was more important than Huang Yueli and as long as she was by his side, he could pay any price for it!

Moreover speaking, so what if he didn’t have enough ability? He could still be a gigolo?

His wife’s innate talent was so high and she was so good at making money… he could be a ready-made gigolo!

Just that his father-in-law’s ability had surpassed his imagination, and he was a little hard to deal with…..

Li Moying mulled over Bai Liufeng’s matter and started feeling his eyelids getting heavier and as he laid on bed, it didn’t take long for him to fall asleep.

He fell into deep sleep and when he woke up the next day, it was already the next day’s afternoon.

Li Moying saw that the sun was already heading towards the west and sat up from his bed.

He simply didn’t dare to believe that he actually slept for such a long time! He had slept from the previous day’s afternoon till now, which was an entire twenty four hours!

Moreover, usually Huang Yueli who would come to his room to take care of him in the early morning, did not appear.

Li Moying’s brows creased and he briefly washed up and walked out of the room to look for his Li’er.

The minute he pushed opened the courtyard door, he was astonished.

Yesterday after he crossed hands with Bai Liufeng, he was coerced by Huang Yueli to lie back on the bed to rest, and hadn’t got the chance to come out for a walk.

It was until now that he then realised that they were actually situated in a superbly crafted ancient cave dwelling!

Although it was built inside the ice mountain, but the surrounding environment wasn’t as cold as he had imagined. Moreover, under so many spirit gathering arrays, the cave dwelling’s Heaven and Earth Profound Qi’s intensity had reached an astonishing degree!

This absolutely was a treasure trove which was advantageous to practitioners’ cultivation!

Li Moying didn’t know which courtyard was Huang Yueli in so he could only enter each one individually to ask, but he hadn’t been able to find her.

Luckily, Cang Po Jun was very honest and on seeing Li Moying, he told him, “This morning I saw Grandmaster Huang and she went over to see you. On seeing you still sleeping, she didn’t disturbed you and headed over to Marquis Bai’s place, which is the largest courtyard right in the centre.”