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Chapter 2407: Father-in-law views his son-in-law (6)

Bai Liufeng was feeling extremely suffocated, especially when he saw Huang Yueli preparing to carry Li Moying in a princess hug, and he felt extremely out of sorts all over.

He hurriedly coughed out, “Lass Li, alright then. Since this young lad has sincerely apologised, it’s not as if I’m unreasonable so I’ll just forgive him!”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she smiled happily, “That’s great! Moying, I already said father is very nice, and will not really blame you.”

Bai Liufeng lifted his chin, apparently complacent.

Mn, his daughter felt that he’s very nice, so this was considered as a praise!

But why was that stinky brat’s dog paw still on Lass Li’s waist, was he trying to secretly take advantage of her?

Bai Liufeng immediately added on, “But since he’s already regained consciousness, then he should be alright now and you should be assured right? His complexion doesn’t seem very good so just let him rest properly here. Follow Father out for a minute!”

Huang Yueli’s action took a pause as she said, “Father, if there’s something that we need to talk, then let’s talk about it tonight. Moying’s condition still isn’t very good, I must personally take care of him…..”

Bai Liufeng’s expression revealed displeasure, “Lass Li, what did you promise me some days ago? You said after this young lad regains consciousness, you will not personally take care of him anymore, not intending to fulfil what you promised father? Father is doing this all for you, an unmarried young lady, sticking together with a man every day, that’s not very good isn’t it? Moreover, you haven’t been practicing those Profound Skills that father had imparted to you right? Since this lad is much better now, then you should start cultivating with father!”

When Huang Yueli heard these words, she was a little hesitant, “But, Moying he…..”

Bai Liufeng said, “You’re worried that there’s still problems with his body? Isn’t your Senior Brother around? His medical skills are much more incredible than yours, let him come and have a look and that will do.”

Huang Yueli looked at Bai Liufeng’s determined look and was even more hesitant.

Bai Liufeng’s concern towards her came from his heart and if it was possible, she didn’t want to disappoint her father. But Bai Liufeng’s potential was so powerful and if he really felt disgusted with Li Moying, she was worried that the latter would be bullied!

Why not, it would be better to be like what happened a few days ago, to first listen to Bai Liufeng’s words to leave first, then slip in at night?

Huang Yueli was thinking about this as the hand she supported Li Moying loosened slightly.

Just at this moment, Li Moying’s body suddenly swayed and suddenly lost consciousness as he fell down towards the back.

Huang Yueli had a huge fright and immediately stretched out her hand to hold on to him.

“Moying, what’s wrong with you??”

She took a look at him to discover that Li Moying’s face had turned pale again and his eyes were tightly shut as he lost consciousness once again.

She was burning with anxiety, as she didn’t expect Li Moying to actually faint after regaining consciousness not too long later! Could it be that his illness had returned?

At this present moment, she totally could not consider Bai Liufeng’s feelings as she instantly carried Li Moying up and placed him back on the big bed. At the same time she spoke out pressingly, “Father, you also saw this yourself. I can’t leave this place and I must stay here to take care of him! Father if you’re tired, please go rest earlier, I’m alright here!”

Bai Liufeng went into a daze as he almost spat out blood!

Because he had obviously seen for himself that this stinky brat was still normal one moment ago, but at the very next moment, he turned into a frail and weak patient!

It would be strange if he hadn’t acted this out!

This stinky brat was just too scheming, but his daughter actually believed in him!

Just how much bewitching soup had this stinky brat been feeding her? Is the handsome male scheme that good to use?

“You….. Lass Li…” Bai Liufeng still wanted to struggle.