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Chapter 2406: Father-in-law views his son-in-law (5)

If it wasn’t for the fact that she knew that Bai Liufeng loved her deeply, Huang Yueli would simply have assumed that he was intentionally tricking her!

But Huang Yueli was still naïve. Although Bai Liufeng didn’t intentionally trick her, but he was intentionally tricking Li Moying…..

She looked at Bai Liufeng angrily, “Father, you… this action is called reneging on your debt! Anyway no matter what, the marriage arrangement between Moying and I is real, and the whole of South Yue Kingdom knows about it back then! Now the entire Sky Emperor City’s practitioners also know that we are a couple and even if you don’t agree, it would not change anything!”

When Bai Liufeng heard such heart stabbing words, his heart was basically splattering with blood.

This… this really was too much, she actually refused to listen to her father’s words, insistent on being together with this stinky brat!

His daughter was definitely most obedient and most filial, so… it must be this stinky brat’s fault!

Bai Liufeng clutched his chest hard and spoke out exaggeratedly, “Lass Li, you… you’re actually so fierce towards father! And even rebutted father because of this stinky brat! Didn’t you see that he was the one who intentionally attacked me earlier? If it wasn’t for father’s swift reaction, I would have been injured by him! He even told father that I’m ‘looking for death’! Aren’t you concerned if father is injured or not, just only saying that I’m not…”

Huang Yueli blinked and on seeing Bai Liufeng’s upset look, she instantly felt guilty.

“Father, then are you….” injured?

But before Huang Yueli could finish her words, Li Moying spoke out behind her, “Father-in-law, cough cough… will you please be appeased, it’s all my fault. Cough cough… earlier I just regained consciousness and didn’t know what was going on so I thought that someone was bullying Li’er hence I acted rashly and almost injured father-in-law, it really is This son-in-law’s fault…”

His voice radiated with frailness and his words were intermittent, with soft coughs in between and he sounded extremely pitiful.

Huang Yueli immediately became anxious as she ran over to him in a few steps, as one hand supported his back while the other grasped his wrist to take his pulse.

“Moying, how are you feeling? Quickly lie back on the bed, you’re still very weak! Earlier you still struck out without a care, you simply don’t love yourself at all! Quickly lie back on the bed!”

Li Moying feebly leaned against Huang Yueli’s body naturally but he refused to leave as he persisted on speaking, “No, your father refuse to forgive me so I must beg for his forgiveness…”

Huang Yueli was so anxious that she stomped her feet, what’s there to forgive! We’re all one family, he will understand!”

“Cough cough, cough cough, no way….”

The more Li Moying said that, the more heartache Huang Yueli felt.

Whereas Bai Liufeng almost blew up in anger!

This young lad was really, really, really…. really too treacherous! He even put on such a weak and frail look, who was he showing it to!

He had just taken in the Profound Energy injected in by four ninth stage realm peak practitioners so his Profound Energy inside his body should be exploding in abundance, totally not as frail as he looked on the surface alright! Didn’t she see that thunderous strike earlier, just how powerful was the power of that earlier?

He must have known that Lass Li would feel heartache for him, hence he intentionally did this right?

Moreover, Li Moying’s words were tastefully chosen. On the surface it seemed that he was apologising but in actual fact, it was to remind Huang Yueli that he had just regained consciousness and wasn’t clear of the situation hence he was innocent whereas Bai Liufeng was too much in striking out against a patient like him, in order to obtain Huang Yueli’s sympathy!

How could there be such a black-bellied fellow like him?