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Chapter 2408: Difficulty in settling father-in-law (1)

However, Huang Yueli’s attention had already shifted onto Li Moying and only casually gave a response then ignoring him later on.

Bai Liufeng was extremely melancholic but he also knew that Li Moying had already used the lowly trick of pretending to faint then it was practically impossible for him to bring Huang Yueli away today.

Even though he was extremely discontented, but he had no choice but to admit that the stinky brat was really very important in Lass Li’s heart.

But if he wanted to scheme him in this way, the stinky brat was still too naïve!

Bai Liufeng’s lips curled upwards and he made up his mind to turn around and leave.

When Li Moying heard his departing footsteps, his eyelid sneakily lifted a small slit and a smirk of light flashed past his eyes…..

Hng hng, want to tear apart him and Li’er? Even if he was Li’er’s father, it was still impossible!

Before Li Moying could even finish feeling delighted, he suddenly felt a pain from his arm and lowering his head, he discovered that Huang Yueli had pinched hard on his arm, and her strength was extremely huge, turning that part red instantly.

Li Moying was in so much pain that his brows twitched but still remember that he was an unconscious patient, he shut his eyes and pretended to faint without moving at all.

However, immediately following that, he heard his Li’er’s melodious and sweet voice ringing by the side of his ear.

“Alright, stop pretending! I know you haven’t fainted, isn’t all because you want me to stay behind and accompany you? I’ve already coordinated with you and father has already left, stop pretending!”

When Li Moying heard that, his lips curled into a smile. Indeed, he can hide nothing from his Li’er…..

He slowly opened his eyes and that pair of peach blossomed eyes radiating with brilliant light revealed tenderness and that was enough to drown anyone in it.

“Li’er, I missed you so much… even if I was unconscious, I had always been hearing your voice…..”

Before he could even finish his words, his arm was pinched again and that little fox wrinkled her nose as she stared at him angrily, “You’re good, you’ve already heard me calling out to you, but you still refused to wake up and for such a long period of time. You are intentionally bullying me, trying to scare me to death, aren’t you!!”

When Li Moying saw that she was really angry, he pretended to be in pain as he groaned, “Ugh, little fox, your strength is so big, stop pinching, it’s so painful! It’s almost about to bleed!”

Huang Yueli knew that he was pretending but the action on her hand started to loosen and she stared at him angrily, “You deserve to die of pain!”

She took a step back and Li Moying immediately leaned forward as he clasped onto her slender waist to bring her into his arms while laughing softly by her ear, “If I die of pain, wouldn’t you become a widow? Oh, not right, we’re not married yet so you will remain unmarried for the rest of your life after the death of your betrothed!”

“You still dare to spout rubbish! If you say one more death word, I will pinch you to death!” When Huang Yueli heard this word, she felt that it was simply too inauspicious, as she instantly covered his mouth in an utterly discomfited manner.

Li Moying almost couldn’t breathe from being gagged by her and kept making muffled sounds but she didn’t loosen her grip.

It was obviously Li’er who first said “he deserved to die of pain”, why did she push it onto him now?

Li Moying struggled for half a day and Huang Yueli then finally let him off, and at the same time pushed his chest, “Alright, you’re not allowed to sprout rubbish, do you hear me? Senior Brother and I spent a huge amount of effort to save you, and if you dare to use your life as a joke, I… I will absolutely not let you off!”

Seeing Huang Yueli’s sparkly eyes, Li Moying didn’t believe that she could bear to do anything to him…

But he also wasn’t willing to let her be upset because of him so he immediately nodded his head obediently.