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Chapter 2402: Father-in-law views his son-in-law (1)

This thought kept surfacing in his mind and Li Moying used all the strength in his entire body and finally…..

For that one instance, he realised that he seemed to feel something.

He started to feel that the place where he was lying was a little cold, but the Profound Energy was extremely abundant, moreover, there seemed to be someone who was speaking softly by his ear…

This voice was the same young lady’s voice that he heard when he was unconscious… it was Li’er!

Following this name which surfaced in his mind, Li Moying’s senses instantly became clear.

He opened his eyes in a second…..

Right now, Huang Yueli was still speaking softly with Bai Liufeng.

In order to coax Huang Yueli into a happy mood, Bai Liufeng told her plenty of interesting stories when she was young.

They had to admit that when Bai Ruoli was young, she really led a fortunate life which was even better than a princess. Everyone adored her and even the Crown Prince was able to gain glory by playing with her. Moreover back then her parents were still by her side and she was well taken care of. She was intelligent, quick-witted and lively and everyone thought that she would definitely inherit her parent’s innate talent, to become a top rated practitioner…..

Alas, things were unpredictable…..

Huang Yueli was attracted by the contents that Bai Liufeng said, and the two of them got closer and closer.

Just at this moment, suddenly, a bolt of penetrative lightning flashed past the sky, directly attacking Bai Liufeng’s back!

This bolt of lightning was enveloped with pure and sharp thunder attributed Profound Energy and moreover it came extremely sudden!

However, Bai Liufeng’s potential was right there and even if he was snuck an attack, he managed to come around it at the first moment, as he immediately hugged Huang Yueli, bringing her to avoid the attack.

Following that, he turned around and swept his sleeve as he was about to counterattack…..

Huang Yueli instantly had not realised what had happened and it was right until Bai Liufeng was about to take action when she turned her head back and saw Li Moying whose eyes had already opened up he was seated up on the bed!

Just at this moment, she detected the surrounding Profound Energy fluctuations and hurriedly held onto Bai Liufeng.

“Wait a minute, don’t.. don’t strike!”

Bai Liufeng had actually discovered that Li Moying had awoken the minute he turned around.

But he had already disliked that stinky brat from long ago and he wanted to take this chance to first beat him up then talk. After beating him up, he was still able to act dumb. Anyway it was Li Moying who started the attack first!

Such a good opportunity for revenge, this was not commonly seen!

Alas, Huang Yueli’s reaction was also very quick, as she immediately jumped out to stop him.

His daughter had already said that so he could no longer act dumb if not Lass Li would blame him later on!

Bai Liu Feng’s mind started racing and he unwillingly retracted his attack.

However, Li Moying’s side wasn’t that easy to settle.

He forcibly propped his weak and lethargic body, as his gloomy gaze fell onto Huang Yueli and Bai Liufeng who were engaged in an embrace, especially when his vision swept past Bai Liufeng’s hand which grasped Huang Yueli’s shoulder, his eyes practically spewed fire!

“Let go of her! You.. what are you trying to do to my Li’er?? Still not going to scram?”

Huang Yueli was stunned and immediately cried out urgently, wanting to explain, “Moying, you’re mistaken. This is actually….”

“Your Li’er? What right do you have to say that Li’er belongs to you? I’m telling you, this lass belongs to my family!”

Not waiting for Huang Yueli to complete her sentence, Bai Liufeng suddenly let out his might.

Huang Yueli’s chest felt dull and she wasn’t able to say a single word out.

Bai Liufeng took the opportunity to give a cold humph, as he casted a provocative look at Li Moying.