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Chapter 2401: Li Moying regains consciousness (11)

Liu Buyan finished talking and carried his medication case as he turned around and walked out.

He was anxious to return to his courtyard to cultivate.

In the past few days, Liu Buyan, Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Hun seemed as though they were injected with chicken blood, as they worked hard to cultivate day and night.

It was rumoured that they were agitated by Lord Zhan and Bai Liufeng.

In the past, although they were always suppressed by Mu Chengying, this kind of peerless strong exponent above them, but everyone was still able to comfort themselves that there was only one pervert like him and ordinary people could not possibly be that ridiculously strong!

They were able to gain ninth stage realm peak ability and were ranked on top ten of the Sky Chart, and that was already an outstanding feat.

But when Lord Zhan and Bai Liufeng exhibited their own potentials, they then realised that it wasn’t that they were already not bad but because their knowledge was too shallow and they really didn’t work hard enough!

The only one who was infinitely close to tenth stage realm potential, was only Mu Chengying alone who could reach it!

Now after such provocation, the trio all started to have motivation to move upwards, as they began to cultivate furiously.

Whereas when Bai Liufeng saw that they took good care of Huang Yueli, he was very willing to help them and imparted quite a number of Profound Skills and cultivation methods that he had obtained from the ancient mystic region. Adding on to the fact that Northern Ice Field’s Heaven and Earth Profound Qi was much denser than the other places in the Continent, so in this period of time, everyone had made some improvements.

Of course, Bai Liufeng passed on even more manuscripts to his own daughter but Huang Yueli still had to take care of Li Moying so her cultivation time wasn’t as much. Even so, in this month alone, her cultivation had speedily ascended as she had already raised it from seventh stage realm third level to seventh stage realm seventh level.

Huang Yueli was now in a trance when she suddenly heard footsteps from behind her.

Bai Liufeng walked behind her and gently hugged her shoulders, “Lass Li, you’re looking at brat Li again? Don’t worry, father has already taken a look for him, this stinky brat has a tough life and he will not die so easily.”

“Father!” Huang Yueli swept a glance at him, apparently not happy, “Moying he has a name, not what stinky brat surnamed Li!”

Bai Liufeng felt stuffed as his daughter’s entire heart was totally abducted by that stinky brat!

Bai Liufeng was feeling melancholic when suddenly, he felt Huang Yueli leaning towards him and spoke out softly, “Father, I’m really so worried!”

Looking at her pitiful looks, Bai Liufeng’s entire tummy of fury started to disappear and he could only care about consoling her.

“Don’t worry, stinky brat has taken advantage of my daughter and I haven’t even settled the debt with him yet, does he even dare to die like this?”

Huang Yueli instantly didn’t know if she should laugh or cry, “Father!”

The father daughter duo spoke quietly, totally not noticing that the eyebrows of the handsome looking man who had been lying quietly on the bed, had twitched a little.

Li Moying only felt that he had slept for a very, very long time and his consciousness was blurry, as he felt lethargic all over. His senses were drowned by silent darkness, totally unable to see a sliver of light at all.

Not knowing how long had passed, suddenly, a young lady’s melodious voice rang softly in his head.

“Moying, Moying… quickly wake up! What’s wrong with you? Why aren’t you waking up? I’m so worried about you…”

The young lady’s voice was filled with a slight tinge of choking, which made his heart twitch in pain.

Even though he couldn’t remember where he heard this voice from, but a tiny voice in his brain was telling him to quickly wake up, and not make her upset any longer!

Hearing her miserable voice, it was much more painful than killing him!