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Chapter 2399: Li Moying regains consciousness (9)

Huang Yueli first poured a cup of Spirit Saint Spring Water and fed Li Moying. Looking at his pale cracked lips being nourished by the spring water slowly gaining some colour, her lips curled.

Turning back, she saw Bai Liufeng who didn’t speak a single word and had a shock.

“Father!” Huang Yueli’s eyes opened wide, “Why haven’t you gone back to rest? Luckily we managed to get your help today, otherwise…. we don’t know where to find someone to help Moying treat his illness…..”

Bai Liufeng gave a cold humph, “I’m your father and you still need to say thank you to me! To this lad you used ‘we’, is your surname Bai or Li?”

“This…..” Huang Yueli was stunned momentarily and quickly gave a dry laugh, “Father, you think too much, of course I’m your obedient daughter! Father has been tired out, let me massage your shoulders!”

She tried to win his favour by giving a fawning smile, prepared to move over and flatter him.

Bai Liu Feng took a step back and his expression was still not very good but his tone had evidently softened, “No need. Earlier you administered the golden needle acupuncture, you must have exhausted quite a bit of Profound Energy right? Have a good rest. There’s nothing wrong with father, this bit of Profound Energy, I can still afford it!”

This wasn’t boasting because Bai Liufeng’s ability was originally much higher than Liu Buyan and the others, whereas the four of them had exhausted the same amount of Profound Energy during the treatment so Bai Liufeng was naturally affected the least.

Huang Yueli immediately put on an adored gaze, “Of course you’re my father, your ability is indeed outstanding! You’re just too awesome!”

This flattery was actually a little exaggerated but coming from his beloved daughter’s mouth made Bai Liufeng feel comfortable from head to toe.

“Stop fawning!” Bai Liufeng spoke out with a little hint of tsundere but his curled up lips had already betrayed his true feelings.

“Father is going back to the room. It’s not that you can’t take care of this stinky brat, but it is only limited to this period of time when he is unconscious. After he regains consciousness, you have to avoid gossips! Do you hear me?” Bai Liufeng coughed softly twice, leaving this sentence.

“Eh??” Huang Yueli’s face was filled with puzzlement.

She was still thinking that later when Bai Liufeng left, how was she going to slip back to look after Li Moying. But whoever knew that Bai Liufeng actually loosened up this easily?

This was simply out of her expectations?

Could it be that earlier that her empty flattery was effective?

Bai Liufeng could tell that she was surprised as he gave a slight harrumph, “This lad… isn’t totally useless. The pain of restoring one’s primordial spirit is something that ordinary people could not endure and those with slightly weaker determination would probably turn into a lunatic! This lad, not only did he not go insane, he didn’t even moan much so his determination is rather extraordinary. When I was injecting Profound Energy into his body, I also detected that his foundation was solid and his cultivation was firm, not some kind of soft embroidery pillow.”

Huang Yueli hardly heard about Li Moying’s good points from her father’s mouth.

Amid the shock, she quickly revealed a bright smile, “Father, I’ve already said that Moying is very incredible! He absolutely can protect me! Now do you believe in me?”

Bai Liufeng replied unwillingly, “Father only said that he wasn’t a bag of straw, but his cultivation isn’t bad doesn’t mean that his ability is definitely strong. His actual battle power is another matter totally! After he wakes up, Father will test him properly! And also, this lad has some evil intentions, abducting you from South Yue Kingdom and deceiving you into being engaged while father isn’t around, I cannot just let it go like that!”

Huang Yueli’s face immediately sunk down, “Father, how can you be so unreasonable? I’ve already said that this marriage is something that I have agreed to myself!”