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Chapter 2388: Little gigolo who lives off women (6)

If it was possible to persuade her, without Bai Liufeng saying, Liu Buyan would have persuaded Huang Yueli to leave Li Moying further away long ago!

Seeing them being so intimate every single day, the person who was most out of sorts was him!

The question was, for Huang Yueli who was a person with her own ideas, she wouldn’t bother considering other people’s views and ideas.

Usually she already couldn’t bear for Li Moying to have nightmares in the night and right now, Li Moying was seriously unconscious so it would be strange if she could bear to take even one step away!

Bai Liufeng had not even thought of waiting for his reply as he flicked his sleeves angrily and started walking towards the room directly, intending to save his obedient daughter from the “ill intended stinky brat”!

Cang Po Jun and the others knew that things were not going well and all headed up to persuade him.

“Marquis Bai, this…. Young Miss Bai wants to take care of our Young Sect Master herself, let’s not disturb them?”

“That’s right, Marquis Bai, don’t worry. Our Young Sect Master is currently unconscious and he can’t do anything bad at all! Young Miss Bai is merely worried about his condition, don’t worry too much…”

However, how would these few bachelors like them possibly understand that when Bai Liufeng heard these words, he felt even more out of sorts.

This sounded as though Lass Li really liked that stinky brat very much, and even plastered over on her own to take care of him!

Bai Liufeng spoke out gloomily, “Move aside all of you! Divine Doctor Liu, weren’t you in a hurry to go refine medicinal pills? Why? Not urgent any longer?”

Liu Buyan regained his senses and realised that he didn’t have much time so it seemed that he had no way to continue watching the show right here.

He looked at Bai Liufeng’s back striding into the room as he couldn’t help but shook his head.

Forget it, there wasn’t enough time and refining medicinal pills was more important whereas the show could be continued later on.

After Li Moying’s illness had recovered, no one knew how chickens would fly or how dogs would jump!

Thinking about the fact that Li Moying would soon put on a sunken expression, Liu Buyan felt that his mood had improved by a whole round!

“Marquis Bai, perhaps Young Miss Bai might have already gone to rest, why must you…” Cang Po Hun followed Bai Liufeng all the way while trying to persuade him.

However, the room door was still pushed open by Bai Liufeng!

Bai Liufeng almost jumped up in fury when he saw the exact scenario in the room!

A big bed on a piece of white coloured snow leopard’s fur rug was a pair of young couple who leaned close to each other, eyes shut tightly and both of them had already immersed into dreamland long ago.

This pair, the man was agelessly handsome while the lady was dainty and charming and from the surface, they really were a couple who couldn’t be more compatible than ever.

But Bai Liufeng totally failed to notice this. His line of vision landed totally on Li Moying’s chest.

Because of the golden needle acupuncture earlier, Li Moying’s outer clothing were removed by Liu Buyan earlier and even his inner clothing were removed by a large half, as the front lapel was pulled aside.

Whereas Huang Yueli was leaning in his arms in an intimate position.

What was worse of all was that, Li Moying’s body had many scars which were left after the golden needle acupuncture, and that looked exceptionally ambiguous.

Momentarily, Bai Liufeng’s face turned green.

Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Hun followed him closely behind and when they entered the room, the alarms in their hearts cried out loudly!

Sovereign has actually been seen in such a state, this time round, everything is finished!

They had really never met someone who was so unlucky. He was still unconscious and had not even done anything bad yet, but was caught in bed by his father-in-law…